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Found 1 result

  1. In CAS we are particularly blessed with vendors, retailers, gunsmiths, etc, who sincerely want our shooters to have reliable equipment and/or instruction, delivered at reasonable prices. With deals made with a handshake-or a promise. No signatures. No contracts. Just old school values. SNS Casting is about an hour drive for me (2 hours if Shortcakes goes along to visit every antique store on the way). I needed bullets back in January, but the polar vortex kept most rural roads impassible. Plus I was down for a few weeks with foot surgery. Finally last week, weather was good and the stitches were out. I called SNS to see if they had the quantity on hand, as I was getting ready to head their way. "Can you call back in 30 minutes?" "We are loading a truck." No problem. I called back and got Jim Stinar, SNS owner, on the line. Jim confirmed the bullets were in stock, packaged and ready to go. I told him I would leave in about 10 minutes for his shop. He said he could save me a trip. Jim went on to say he was going to be leaving for a Peoria hospital to be with his daughter, as she was having surgery the next morning, and would meet with me. I told him he should just focus on his family. The bullets can wait. Jim would not have any of it. "I'm already putting them in my truck as we speak," he said. Wow. So on a cold February night, before his daughter had surgery, Jim Stinar took the time to meet me in a nearby parking lot to deliver bullets. The surgery was successful and she is doing just fine. A tip of the cowboy hat to you Mr. Stinar. Continued prayers and best wishes for your daughter's recovery. The cowboy way.
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