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Found 1 result

  1. You know what they call a medical student who graduates at the bottom of his class? They call him “Doctor”. He may not be the smartest or the quickest, but he got it done. That’s how I feel about my accomplishment with the Mr. BulletFeeder. I got it done, & it’s working (currently), even though others probably have done it much quicker & with fewer problems. I’d be embarrassed to tell you how long I’ve had it (okay, I bought it 9/17/17). Once I got it running it appeared it was a product that would run well enough to keep you interested, but not to be perfect. It occasionally loaded a bullet upside down. It got jams in the dropper. It failed to drop a bullet from time to time. The hopper would turn when I added bullets, spilling 300 or so bullets onto the bench, the 1050, & the floor. But, when it ran 15 or 20 bullets without an issue, it was fast, & it kept me engaged. Kind of like bass fishing when you catch one every 1 or two hours - just enough to keep you in it. I would like to believe I have done everything that can be done wrong, which would mean I don’t have another mistake coming at some inopportune time. This is probably not the case. However, I just loaded 200 bullets fast enough that I had to wait on the case-feeder several times, so I was pretty happy with my possible current success. Since I bought mine in 2017, I got the old mounting setup with the round puck looking things. Getting all of that adjusted is enough to put a person in an asylum, but I eventually got a version of it to work. Later, they came out with a new & improved version, which I bought, but had it hanging on the wall for at least 6 months because I wanted to load bullets, not work on stuff. When I first got the feeder on 9/18/17, I called Dillon for some help. They told me they didn’t know anything about it yet & that I needed to call Rick Koskela for help. During the conversation, it turned out that Rick was the inventor of the bullet feeder, & it was an entertaining conversation as he described how he thought up the product, & how he worked out each of the problems he encountered, such as how to make all of the bullets come out right side up. He clued me in that the brass piece on the dropper assembly wasn’t heavy enough to drop & keep the entire column of bullets dropping at one time. It needs a spring or rubber band setup, or added weight to make it drop correctly. So, I rigged something up that worked. I think the manufacturer should come up with a solution to ship with the product, like a professional-looking spring assembly, or something. Since then, I’ve learned the ball bearings go in the lower holes, & the spring clip goes in the lower position (for 38 special). It’ll work otherwise intermittently, but with problems if either is in the wrong position. Also, when I would have jams in the dropper due to the bearings being in the wrong position, I would sometimes clear the jam by sticking a small screwdriver up thru the passage. I eventually figured out I had caused an almost invisible burr by doing this. When I got that taken care of, all was well as to the jams. I replaced the old mounting setup with the round puck things with the newer bracket setup I bought. It would work for awhile, but then when adding new bullets, it would pivot & drop 300 or so bullets everywhere. I figured out I had the star washer on the wrong side, which when corrected, fixed the problem. I must not have been thinking the day I assembled that one. The plate will easily go into the hopper upside down. Of course, all of the little grooves & such that guide the bullets correctly can’t do their job. So, it works some, & doesn’t work some. I recommend running this part right-side-up. If I had known the learning curve I would have to go thru, I’m not sure I would have bought the product originally. But, now that I’ve gone thru the process & it’s running fast enough to outrun my case-feeder, I’m pretty happy with the end-result. I can really turn out a high volume of bullets in a very short period of time. I don’t think my demonstrated personal capabilities will let me attempt an auto-drive, but kudos to you who have been able to make those work.
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