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Found 2 results

  1. Wild Bunch 2020 The sass Texas Championship will be held in historic Bowie,Texas nov.13,14,15 2020 this exciting wild bunch match features 12 stages BAMM and several great side matches including doughboy,GAMM Texas 30,popgun, Trench sweep and more. Limited to 50 shooters. Texas doughboys Wild Bunch Action shooting club is on Facebook or email me jhurst@pwhome.com
  2. The handbook for Long range competition reads: Regardless of category or caliber, bullets used in long range and precision rifle matches must be made of pure lead or lead alloy having a plain base, gas checked, or paper patched configuration. A simple BAMM rules set: These are the official Rules for the Bolt Action Military Match "BAMM" "Must be an original caliber bolt action rifle issued by any country to itsMilitary Forces through the end of WWII. It must be as issue with originaliron battle sights and no external modifications. Internal modifications allowed.Faitful reproductions are allowed"Distances are usually from 75 to 125 yards. Targets and Target placement is decided by the Match Director. Most of the time we all shoot lead bullets. Match director can allow jacketed bullets if in compliance with range rules. The match is standard with at least 10 rounds. You start with 5 rounds in the magazine bolt open an a empty chamber. You reload on the clock as needed. You can shoot up to 15 rounds. It is scored with the most hits in the fastest time. I have a Colombian crest FN Mauser 98 in 30/06 to try in BAMM and need to reload some cartridges. Question : Is it an advantage to use a gas checked bullet in SASS long range? Can it be surmised to use a gas check in BAMM ? Are stripper clips allowed in BAMM? Fordyce
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