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  1. I know this is gonna sound pricey -- and, ultimately, it will be for only the discriminating buyer/collector -- but this is a genuine Walt Ostin branded The Lone Ranger rig #4 (LR version worn by Clayton Moore, from 1954 to 1956). Every bit of this approximately 46" (buckle to center hole) rig has been hand carved by Master Leathermaker, Walt Ostin. This belt Is made of Premium leather, as this was the only level of leather good enough for the Lone Ranger (Walt told me the LR was his idol as a young man); and the rig I have, has never been worn. The photo shows it, as it was crafted for Chuck Medwork -- and also for the one being offered, with the only difference being a buckle preference on the holster. The rig has 42-carved bullet loops and it has been in my safe for the approximate 12-years since Walt retired from leathermaking after making this last Premium LR rig. Yes, I know he's piddled around with rigs during a few of his following retirement years, but nothing recent was made like this rig. I've been in poor health of late, so I'm asking $2800 of someone that will safeguard this treasure. Other CAS/SASS notables that have worn earlier versions of this great rig have been Chuck Medwork and Frank Calabrese (this older public photo of these two, playing together, was given to me, by Walt). By the way, this included rig photo looks 10x better than what I can do trying to take photos, but what do ya do... it's all I can do to figure out how to answer this phone -- let alone all the photo takin' stuff! If you're around San Diego, I'll show it to you... if you're farther away, and you want to see something specific on the rig, send me an email -- and let me know what you want me to try to photograph.
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