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  1. We have had a nice thread on what different shooters consider the best to have and noted gunsmiths for jobs. What CAS gun & smith would you like if the chance? I have stated in another thread those I or Sassy favor and are very satisfied with, but I still have a few on "the list" that I would like to own or at least try if the $$ and opportunity. 73s...a Harlan Wolf for sure , followed by a Jimmy Spur, Palo Verde, or Lefty Wheeler 73 shotgun...a Doc Noper SKB..if he does half the job on SKB as he does leather, then YES The competition in smithing is heavy among those I list above and others mentioned on the "best to buy" thread. Revolvers, no real list here, I like my FAs and in last year or so I have tried Jimmy Spur SS NMV with Bisley hammers, Snake Oil George SS & low profiled SBH hammers, and Boomstick SS & SBH hammers. All so smooth and nice, however I keep coming back to my FAs, they just feel better. Due to arthritis in thumbs, I think lowering hammer spur would make even the FA more comfortable in my right hand. (Another project to consider.) What's your "dream list" like? Something I would like to see and actually have "on the drawing board" with a machinist, is Ruger main/hammer spring set-up for flat spring guns like my FAs, and Colt & Colt clones. The longevity of Rugers hammer spring system versus flat springs is so superior, and easier to work to point of satisfaction (replacing spring to desired weight). As a shooter such as myself, weakening the flat spring to allow more comfortable cocking, yet 100% primer ignition, I/we open our-self to more chance of flat spring fatigue and breakage.
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