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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, A recent family inheritance item came to my attention and I was asked to look further into it but have hit a wall and am hoping someone here can help. I have gotten some leads of this being an Uberti replica but there are no definitive markings or anything on their websites to say for certain. This item came into the family in about 1978 and has a serial number in the form 1xx. I have uploaded some photos and am happy to answer anyone questions. I appreciate any insight someone can offer on if this is a replica and if so, exactly where from. Thank you.
  2. Hello from the northern Great Plains, I am considering a pair of 7.5" Richard Mason conversions of the 1851 navy variety-this is of course the fault of Jedi Knight and his YouTube channel..... When looking around for these I find them called straight up 1851 navy conversions to 1872 models. Of course the Pietta or Uberti question also. I would like to have a pair as close to the feel of my 1851 navy colts. I am certain the folks here would be able to shine some light on this model of revolver. thanks in advance GPG
  3. Howdy all, I just picked up a pair of piety’s 1851 navys. The good, They have had some work done and the action isn’t bad, cap rake and slick shot nipples installed. The bad, the cylinders have quite a lot of rust, I soaked the cylinders in oil and was able to scrub away most of the rust. However there are a few tough spots that are being stubborn. Any my advice on something that will get the rust off without destroying the blueing?
  4. Found them ...... Thank you Dallas McPewPew. YEEHAAA. WTB a pair of 1851 Navy Conversions to shoot Josey Wales. 38. 5 1/2" barrel preferred. PM me for my email address to send pictures. Thanks. Mac
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