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  1. The Post by Trigger Mike got me thinking about some of the stupid things I did as a child growing up. Don't get me wrong, they seem stupid now that we're adults; however, they actually could be considered learning by experience lessons. Mike's Thread revolved around electricity, but this one is open to any event that you can recall where you learned a valuable lesson. I'm sure there are many and not just one, so to start: When I was 13 years old, I wanted to fix breakfast for myself. Pancakes were the order of the day. I need syrup and as we did not yet own a microwave, everything got heated on the stove or oven. I took the glass syrup container out of the refrigerator and placed it on the back eye of the electric stove and turn it on. Continuing with the other breakfast preparations, I soon heard a distinctive "pop". I tried to figure out what made the noise, and nothing on the stove initially appeared to be wrong so I finished my plate of food. Reaching for the container of syrup, I grabbed the handle and lo and behold, only the top part of the container came up releasing itself from the cylindrical circle of cracked glass that previously went unnoticed, and a load of syrup started oozing down the eye of the stove like lava from an erupting volcano and into the drip pan, eventually making its way into the oven. Needless to say I got in real trouble when my mom had to clean the dry, sticky mess from the oven. Lesson: Cold glass will crack when placed on a hot stove.
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