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Found 5 results

  1. 486 total. 4 unopened bags. 1 bag open with 86 in it.$90, which includes shipping
  2. All, I am considering trading my Ruger 77/357 for a SASS gun, but new SASS gun will need to pull double duty as my brush busting gun. I have a pet load I'm working on using the Lee 200 grain bullet in a .357 magnum case. crimped at the crimp groove it has the same OAL as a 360 Dan Wesson without requiring any modification to the chamber. this really ups the velocity for my bullet out of a rifle barrel. The 360 Dan Wesson has an OAL .01 shorter than a 454 Casull so the Rossi 92 action should be able to handle this OAL. My question is can it do it without modification to the carrie
  3. I've been annealing my high power competition brass for quite a few years using this annealing machine, a Bench Source Vertex. I got it initially just for prepping my 7.62x51 and 30/06 brass but later started using it for other cartridges that I reload as well. I have reached the age where competitive shooting, ie expending several hundred rounds a day on weekends is no longer feasible for me. I have plenty of prepped brass in each caliber to last me quite a while of non-competition shooting. Even if I use it all up (highly unlikely) what little I'd need to reload in the future doesn't justify
  4. Redding 38-55 Win & Ballard F.L. Reloading Die Set $100 Redding 3-Die Sets contain a full length sizing die, expander die, and bullet seating die. Shell holder is not included. Lightly used and near new condition. Has 7/8"-14 Threads To Fit All Popular Presses. Model 80365 Redding 38-55 Winchester Competition Seating Die $80 The Redding Competition Seater Die has tighter manufacturing tolerances and uses a micrometer calibrated in 0.001" increments for precise seating depth and is infinitely adjustable (without clicks). Also has a "zero set" feature th
  5. These items are all new. When I started reloading, a few years ago, I bought some things I dont need. My prices are based on Midway and are marked down. This is not a fire sale. Prices are each and shipping is extra. No trades or Pay pal. US Post Office Money order for your total plus shipping costs, like on Gun Broker. PM me your list and zip code and I will get a shipping cost for you. Send me your email addy and I will send you a picture of the items you are interested. AMMO boxes 23 Frankfort Arsenal #505, Flip-Top Ammo Box holds 50 rounds, 17 Remingto
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