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Found 4 results

  1. Alright, who bothers with primer pocket cleaning? Is there any chance that a slightly dirty primer pocket could impede primer seating and potentially contribute to a light strike/failed ignition in the SASS world? I don't clean pockets. Not for regular pistol ammo, and not even for my bolt guns when I want my ammo to make teeny-tiny holes at distance, but the firing pins in those guns never have difficulty igniting the primer. For a tuned lever gun that needs to eat rounds with primers OTHER THAN Federal, would a cleaner pocket prior to seating primers reduce a potential light strike, even if the reduction in failure rate is less than 1%? Would a clean pocket have any significance on primer seating or should the force of a press or hand primer be sufficient to overcome any carbon residue/build up in the pocket? I just deprimed several hundred pieces of brass with intent to run them through the Frankford Arsenal case prep before reloading, but wondering if it will have any meaningful effect. Again, this is primarily for non Federal primers (Winchester) in .38 SPL and a tuned 1873 lever gun. Thanks
  2. Complete 38/357 conversion for Dillon 650/750. Does, toolhead, powder measure, bullet counter, powder funnel and the conversion. New over $400, only $200 including USPS shipping. SOLD!!
  3. Just acquired an Austrian made hammer gun from 1910. It has 2 5/8” chambers. Is there any information available about reloading for this? It does not have a Damascus barrel. It is my first Hammer gun and I’m new to reloading and SASS though I’ve got an extensive collection of Cowboy rifles and revolvers and black powder revolvers. I’d appreciate any tips or help in getting started reloading as far as what basic equipment is needed to reload .45 Colt, 12 gauge and 44-40.
  4. OK so I've decided it's time for me to start reloading my own shotgun shells as both the wife and I are shooting more matches every year. I've been doing some research but since I'm new to shotgun reloading I thought I would start here and get some advice from people that have been doing this for a while. I have many questions.... 1 - What press is good for reloading 12 gauge without breaking the bank? Between the two of us we probably shoot about 6 cases of shells a year. 2 - What is the best shot size for our sport? I currently use 7.5. 3 - What powder do you use? Do you load at the minimum end of the load specs? 4 - What shell cases hold up best to reloading - how many times can you reload them? 5 - Does the wad choice matter much? As long as the size is correct, is one better than the other for our sport? 6 - Does the primer brand matter or is any 209 acceptable? Finally, what are some good places to purchase the above supplies? Thanks for any input you have!! Star Shooter
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