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Found 4 results

  1. A friend of mine has a Pietta 1851 Navy cap & ball revolver. I have an Uberti 1851 cap & ball revolver. I was over at his house, and had my Uberti with me, and he had the Pietta out as well. I had given him a set of slick-shot cones (nipples), to put on his Pietta. I got to looking at them, and placed my Uberti over the Pietta. The grip frame, near the bottom of the frame, is flared out more on the Pietta, than on the Uberti. Is the "flare", on the grip frame, just with this particular revolver, or is this "flair" common to 1851 Pietta's? I did not have my Ub
  2. I'm no expert, but doesn't the .45 acp cartridge rattle around in the chamber because it is shorter then .45 colt? What changes exactly doe the conversion make? Thanks, BB
  3. Does the Taylor's Uberti Smokewagon have the "3 click" retractable firing pin hammer, or the traditional "4 click" non-retractable firing pin hammer? Taylor's website doesn't say. Of course, I do have a spare traditional hammer, and trigger, to replace the retractable firing pin hammer setup, should I ever, mistakenly, buy one. So far, if I stick with the black-powder frame models, I don't have to worry about that. But the Smokewagon has the smokeless powder frame, and that is a concern. Thanks. W.K.
  4. Has anyone purchased an Uberti 1875 "Remington" outlaw lately? I was wondering if it has the retractable firing pin installed on it, like the smokeless frame single action Uberti Colt clones do...or the standard hammer/firing pin? That information will determine if I purchase one myself, or not. Thanks. W.K.
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