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Found 1 result

  1. I normally load Clays or ClayDot gunpowder for shotgun loads for Cowboy with the intent to replicate "FeatherLite" LNLR shells which have a velocity of 980 FPS. I use 1 oz. of shot because I like to....some people load 3/4 or 7/8 oz. and that's fine for them. With Clays and Claydot powder being really scarce and other "old faithful" powders in short supply I ran across Perfect Pattern gunpowder from Hodgdon which is readily available. You can find load data on Hodgdon's website for this powder. In looking at the loading data on their website if you try and load less than 1 oz. of shot you really couldn't get down to a velocity in the range of 980 FPS. I saw some lighter recoil loadings in the 1 oz. range so I loaded some in the range and then chronographed the loads at the range. I reload on a MEC reloader so I included the bushing and grains of powder for each load I tested. I used a 1 oz. wad from Claybuster. The results are in the table below. Note that Perfect Pattern gunpowder isn't as "fluffy" as Clays and as such the height of the gunpowder in the wad column is not as high. This resulted in the crimp being impressed into the shot shell and not flat. You can add an overshot card to raise the wad column so that the crimp is level. Hodgdon Perfect Pattern MEC Bushing Gr Powder Oz Shot Velocity FPS #14 13.3 1.0 985 #15 14.0 1.0 1,020 #16 15.3 1.0 1,090 Please note that these are my results and are not to be taken as official Hodgdon load data. This information is being shared as a "starting" place for those that may want to develop their own loads. YMMV. Kajun
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