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  1. Hello, I know that most of you have your personal preferences on this when choosing a Single Action Army a.k.a. "Peacemaker", as an original or of the many Brands that made Clones/Replicas, and surely isn't the first time of threads like this one posted. But If you had to choose wisely and objectively as possible to buy your First Single Action Army (Model P, Peacemaker etc), let's suppose you had a Budget limit of $3000, and you wanted a Single Action Army Revolver, focusing only on the .45 Colt chambering ("45 LC", to avoid any confusion), and the other Criteria being which it's the most durable or reliable, and had the safest Security Mechanism (no matter how true to the original historical, I mean the Safer to carry and load), which of the Following Options would you Choose? >Uberti/Cimarron Cattleman Old Model >Uberti/Cimarron Cattleman II "Pre-War" >Beretta Stampede (Yeah, I know it's discontinued) >Ruger Vaquero "Old Model" (Heard this one handles better hotter and faster ".45 Colt +P" loaded cartridges due to its bigger cylinder and frame, don't know if that's it's true) >Ruger New Vaquero, the model from 2005 onwards with the smaller frame >Standard Manufacturing Single Action Clone. >The Old JP Sauer and Sons SAA Clones in 45 (I also know they have been long ago discontinued) >And finally, an Original Modern Production (Late 2010s-Early 2020s) Colt Single Action Army. (Yeah I know I didn't Included the Pietta/EMF Hartford SAA clones, because I read somewhere that they were a bit less realiable and a slightly lower quality than others) As I said focusing only in .45 Colt, which one has the safest security mechanism (4 Clicks, 3 Clicks, Transfer Bar, Free Floating Pin), smoother action (Best trigger, best Hammer and its spur), best handling, best quality materials/metals and Finish, etc, that would made it for you the best of the overall option of the above mentioned? Which and why? Take that you had a bit more of budget to modify it a bit as you like it, like wooden checkered grips or things like that. On my personal opinion, I prefer the 5.5 Inches of the barrel, but again, that's just my opinion and not the focus of this. And I wanted to ask if it's true that the Ruger "Old" Vaquero handles safely the .45 Colt +P ammo. Last thing I wanted to know if the .45 Colt +P ammo it's better in your opinion, or doesn't make a real true difference at all, cause its faster speed recalls my attention as being more comparable to other revolvers cartridges like the 357 Magnum or 44 Magnum (only closer in Velocity, Bullet speed I mean) and also triggers my OCD a bit. I'd like to have a SAA that feels like a medium bore handcannon when shooting. Also, if you could contribute any info on any technical specs or info of the examples mentioned above that isn't usually on the manuals, like the Specific Cylinder and Barrel Bore (.454 or .452, etc) you can put it on here. By my part, I also made my own investigation, but haven't found little details like the more specific specs of them. I hope this thread can also serve as informative for others too, to others newcomers/newbies –like me– to this in the future, or even to other experienced users.
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