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Found 2 results

  1. In another thread a few people mentioned using old refrigerators to store powder to help fight humidity. I was wondering if those old fridges make suitable powder magazines. Now, I understand there's no need to keep smokeless powder in a magazine because it's not explosive, but eventually I'll load black powder and will want to keep it all in the same place. Will storing black powder in a fridge turn it into a potential bomb, or is the seal on the door weak enough that it's not an issue? Maybe the hole you have to drill for the power cord for the dehumidifier is enough to make it safe? Which brings me another question. Is there anything wrong with having an electric dehumidifier in a powder magazine with black powder? My gut tells me it's not a good idea, but I don't have any actual experience with gun powder beyond shooting.
  2. For sale are six press mounted over powder wad punches manufactured by Fred Cornell. As measured by my trusty dial caliper, punch diameters are 0.328", 0.403", 0.430", 0.454", 0.460" and 0.516". In use, the head of a punch locks into a turret press' ram (in replacement of a shell plate). Four of the punches are mounted in a Lee turret press tool head. Except for a little surface oxidation on the exterior of the punch bodies, these punches are sharp, smooth, clean and very tightly toleranced. Buffalo Arms sells these punches for $62.95 each. For the lot of six punches and tool head I'm asking $200 plus $8 for USPS flat rate shipping. I am only interested in selling them as a lot. Just think, you get all of this for just a little over what Buffalo Arms is asking for three. And, Buffalo Arms is out of stock on many of the sizes. Thanks for reading.
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