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Found 6 results

  1. Even though I was taught to clean my guns, and did as a youngster, I quit. When I started shooting cowboy, all but my shot gun got trailboss loads. I never once cleaned a revolver other than wipe it off. Never used oil just because I found no need for it. Rifles being a bit different in need for attention, I did some cleaning there. I regularly inspected the revolvers but that was it. Now I’m shooting real black powder and have to step up. I start cleaning the revolvers (X4) usually 2 days after the shoot. I know from discussions and reading that the way to deal with black powder is to soak the parts or run water through it but I have an aversion to guns and water. So far a couple of dry brushes and jag swabs down the barrel and I’m done. Wipe off the outside and in the case without oil. I don’t find it to be messy and kind of cathodic. Post. Percussion cylinders are a bit more involved and yes, I find a quick soak and swab does the trick. Never have I seen a spot of rust and here in Pittsburgh the humidity runs high a good bit of the time. My point is so much of what we do is passed down as “that’s just the way we do it” How many of us continue to look for ways to do things that is not “just the way we do it”? It keeps things interesting and I tend to learn more about what I’m doing. What have you learned or changed since you started this cowboy game.
  2. sold (ky) 2 Paul Matthews black powder books $30.00 shipped to the lower 48 cash, check, postal money order, paypal if you pay the fees What You Should Know About Bullet Lubricants for the Black Powder Cartridge Rifle by Paul A. Matthews paper back good used condition 2011 Shooting the Black Powder Cartridge Rifle by Paul A. Matthews paper back good used condition 1994
  3. when shooting frontier in any category I know that the rifle and pistol are done with black powder, does the shotgun have to be black powder as well? I can't seem to find 12 gauge shells made in black powder, and don't have the ability to reload shotgun shell yet
  4. My son is wanting to get into SASS and likes the "authentic" ways of doing things. We attended a local shoot and there was a gentleman using black powder which my son thought was AMAZING. That lead to a discussion about becoming active which lead to a discussion at work which lead us down the rabbit hole to this question. Is it legal to produce and use your own black powder for SASS and CAS events? We live in the Communist State of Illinois so I'm sure the answer is ABSOLUTELY NO. I've looked online and can't find any information this particular issue. I can find information about quantities, storage and the necessity of a FOID but nothing about making your own black powder for your own use. Can someone please help me with the answer so I can get him to calm down and we can just go buy a can?
  5. You can see it in the sky, Darkness Falls before A Dark Day. The air is thick and smoke blocks out the sun, Darkness Falls before A Dark Day. Soot Lords come from all around, fire and brimstone is all that can be found……. DARKNESS FALLS before A DARK DAY S.A.S.S. and the Fort White Cowboy Cavalry is proud to announce Darkness Falls the S.A.S.S. Southeastern Territorial Black Powder Championship and A Dark Day On The Santa Fe the S.A.S.S. International Black Powder Championship Here we grow again!! Mark your calendars and join us Thursday, March 7th, 2019 for Darkness Falls the S.A.S.S. Southeastern Territorial Black Powder Championship. Then hang around as the S.A.S.S. International Black Powder Championship A Dark Day On The Santa Fe returns Friday, March 8th through Saturday, March 9th. Darkness Falls will be a one day, six stage match limited to the first 100 shooters. Lunch and awards to follow after the match, lunch is included in your entry fee. A Dark Day On The Santa Fe will be a two day, ten stage match limited to the first 180 shooters. Friday night banquet and Saturday lunch is included in entry fee. For match application and more information please visit http://fwcc.net/black-powder-championships/. Three Days….. 16 Stages….. 2 Championships…… Are you Cowboy enough to come to the Darkside?
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