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  1. Another thread kept derailing in this direction, so I opened this one to create a place to specifically discuss marketing of CAS. Regarding growth and marketing, it seems to me we face some serious barriers, both now and possibly new and worse ones in the future. In every sport, a big part of generating interest among new participants is allowing them to image themselves owning the equipment. Whether it be skis, dirt bikes, bicycles or guns, ownership is a big part of the fun. And it isn't just men who enjoy owning things. My wife's interest in CAS more than tripped when she bought her new leather rigs and began accumulating western attire and guns OF HER OWN. But right now, new shooters cannot make many of the essential purchases very easily. We can coax them to try our game, but if they cannot buy the toys-- guns, reloaders, ammo or components-- it remains more like visiting a sports game than playing. We generously lend and share our equipment, to try to patch those holes for new folks, but if they can't buy their own gear, it just isn't the same permanent attachment. If the current Administration and Congress succeed in tightening down on all foreign gun imports, we could be pretty much finished. It just isn't likely that US manufacturers will fill the void. Our CAS guns probably aren't the ones they would choose to produce. All of this could effectively cap our future growth. We should be working to make sure that single action firearms and antique replicas are not included in import bans. We have some very accomplished marketing people playing in our sport. We (SASS) possibly should be finding and consulting with them, as a team, on how to deal with these issues that extend beyond just market demographics; in particular the ownership pride--purchase barriers. It has to be more than just finding new potential participant markets--at least for now. I'm interested in seeing your thoughts and ideas. And rather than blame SASS or others for what is not being done, try to keep it positive about ideas and approaches that could help.
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