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  1. I responded on another thread regarding a reshaping of a stock to accomodate a shooters medical need. My response said something to the affect of "We should always accomodate for medical needs AND the accomodation would provide no competitive advantage" That got me thinking - "What IF?" What if a shooter with an actual needed accomodation (not a faker, game player or liar) beats you (or just places well within their category)? AND the accomodation "could" be looked at as a competitive advantage? Would you judge their placement or performance differently? For example - a shooter (because of a known medical issue; again not a faker, game player or liar) is allowed to wear athletic shoes as their footwear. They do very well. But, the match was heavy on movement and foot speed was a major component OR the weather came up and athletic shoe traction was an obvious plus - is the shooter with accomodations (which could have been to his benefit) looked at differently? This is COMPLETELY HYPOTHETICAL. This has not occurred nor am I referring to any shooter or any match. I am actually asking out of sincere personal curiosity. As some of you know - I broke my arms (yes, plural) a few months back - in addition, I severely damaged both of my wrists which have not healed/ recovered properly (visiting the orthopedic on Monday to discuss options). I am currently working with both soft wrist wraps and fiberglass splinted braces to find a method that supports my wrists well enough to safely (at this point, lift, but hopefully soon to) use my guns. I don't foresee being a threat to anyone any time soon. But when I do return and as I attempt to regain my footing - I imagine my wrists will be and remain supported in some manner. A supported, artificially strengthened wrist could be a benefit to a Duelist or in my case, Gunfighter. Again, don't forsee being a threat for a while - but I don't forsee losing the braces for a while either. Lets imagine (huge flight of fancy) that I am still in a wrap or brace by the Nationals next year AND I somehow shoot well enough to TOP 10 my category (not win - even my imagination has bounds). Would you look at a performance differently?
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