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  1. February 10, 2024 Gun Give Away 1 Day Shoot ========================== OUR HOURS / BASIC MATCH INFO: We Shoot 3 days at our Monthly Matches * Saturday, Sunday & Monday: Office & Complimentary Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate Bar Open: 8:15am * Saturday, Sunday & Monday: Sign-in Opens: 8:30am * Saturday & Sunday: Safety Meeting: 9:15am * Monday Shoot: Safety Meeting: 9:00am * Monday Featured Category for 2/12/24 will be TEDDY ROOSEVELT!! Cowboy is also available! Our club shoots on the second full weekend Saturday, Sunday and Monday of each month. Wild Bunch, Teddy Roosevelt, Doughboy & Cowboy are offered at the Monday match. We shoot 6 stages. The flushers and office are heated if you need a warm-up. If it is super cold, we will fire up the traveling fire pit! GUN GIVE AWAY MATCH INFO: We will shoot a special GUN GIVE AWAY match on Saturday, February 10, 2024. We will draw & give away a NEW BOND COWBOY DEFENDER DERRINGER worth $550! Link to the Facebook Event - Check our Facebook page and website Events for the latest updates. HOW IT WORKS: No pre-registration for the shoot is required. Just come to our range that morning and sign-in like we do at a monthly match (8:30am). All shooters will be entered into the drawing which will be held after the match. The number of tickets you receive will be determined as follows: * ALL SHOOTERS will receive 1 ticket (including MDQ) * CLUB MEMBERS/LIFE MEMBERS will receive 2 more tickets (you can join the club that morning if you like) * DERRINGER CLASS SHOOTERS will receive 5 more tickets So, if you shoot, are a club member and shoot the Derringer Class, you will have 8 tickets in the drawing! WHAT IS THE DERRINGER CLASS? (From the imagination of BlueBonnet Belle, SASS #40624) Shooters will have a choice to shoot their usual cowboy class or the Derringer Class. If you shoot the Derringer Class, you will have more tickets in the drawing for the gun. The difference is that the Derringer class will not shoot the shotgun. Derringer Class shooters will shoot 2 derringer shots in place of the shotgun on each stage. The cowboy shooters will shoot 2 shotgun on each stage - no derringer shots. HELP - I DO NOT HAVE A DERRINGER! No worries - we have loaner derringers from BlueBonnet Belle, SASS #40624, TX Alline, SASS #21632 & Texas Gunslinger, SASS #10706. Texas Gunslinger, SASS #10706 is also providing the ammo. Shooters that own a derringer may use their own gun and ammo. AFTER THE MATCH AT JUSTA KITCHEN PICNIC AREA: The Outlaws present AWARD RIBBONS and SCORES after the match. We will also hand out the 2-part drawing tickets to our shooters. One half of the ticket will be place in the tumbler and the shooter will keep the other half. You must be present to win. Texas Gunslinger, SASS # 10706 will provide gun transfer services. Justa Hand, SASS # 23892 & TX Alline, SASS # 21632 will be serving complimentary homemade chicken noddle soup from Justa Kitchen. SAFETY: Safety is very important at our shoots. Protective eye wear and ear protection are mandatory for all shooters and spectators inside the range during the shoot. Strict rules are enforced to ensure everyone has a fun and safe time. CAMPING/RVS & RESERVATIONS: We have primitive camp sites available at no charge. RV electrical & water hookups are available for a modest fee. Reservations are required for the electrical/water hookups. Contact BlueBonnet Belle, SASS #40624 at 903/545-2252 or oakwoodoutlaws@yahoo.com for availability and pricing. We have extra wide gates and a wide road to accommodate your trailer. There is no charge to pop a tent or park a trailer without hook-ups. Hotels are available in our area. Most hotels are within 20 - 30 minutes of the range. Camping & RV sites open at noon on Friday, February 9th. WEATHER: Our weather at the Range can be monitored via the Oakwood Outlaws weather station! A link to Weather Rock 2 is available on our website (oakwoodoutlaws.org on the Weather tab) and our Facebook page. DAILY MATCH FEES: Effective 1/1/2023 (subject to change) Members: $15 per day Non-Members: $20 per day Free: Little Buckaroo & Buckaroo Oakwood Outlaws 337 W US Hwy 79 | Oakwood, TX 75855 (East Texas) www.oakwoodoutlaws.org oakwoodoutlaws@yahoo.com 903.545.2252
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