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    Posted for: C. W. Knight # 47289L : send all messages and requests to CWK please

    One pair of Colt SAA's, 5.5' BBL color case harden and Colt blue.  Black Colt plastic grips.  Gen 3, 2005 mfg, consecutive serial numbers.  Original owner test fired them but never bought leather.  These are very smooth, possibly from the factory.  Removable cylinder bushing for those who care.  White sleeves and blue boxes with, I believe all paperwork. 

    Price $ 4,300.00.  Shipping & insurance negotiable.  Will consider reasonable offers or a reasonable payment plan.  Thanks for lookin',  C.W.  










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  2. If only all of the energy wasted on the wire was used for good… I haven’t been around SASS for 30 years or nothin but the way y’all talk to each other sure doesn’t fit with the Spirit of the Game I always see at shoots

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  3. Found a jogging stroller on the side of the road. I basically just took the seat fabric portion out, cut off the front piece that holds snacks for kiddos. Removed plastic faring over front wheel and bolted an ammo can to the frame. $20 ATV gun mount from Amazon (you can buy the same I have but a double version and hold 4 long guns) and use two extra holsters to hold my pistols. Left cup holders intact to hold drinks. Added a small hole in middle compartment to accommodate my small umbrella stand/hat hooks


    left the cover on but I fold it down, added clips so if it rains I can cover my goods



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  4. Got an addition to my stable today, a Colt….. pellet gun :D


    dry firing with no response was a bit boring for my taste, so I got an umarex Colt replica pellet gun. CO2 powered, the pellets go into metal casings that look like an actual bullet, single action of course, losing gate, ejector, etc. 


    now I can pop off a hundred rounds a night and get actual feedback I love it


    meanwhile my dog discovered her love for mud 



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  5. Looked in handbook and didn’t see rules relating to this, but is it ok to switch up your leather mid-match? Like if double strong is best for some stages but crossdraw is better on others, any reason you couldn’t switch up your holsters? (Assuming you’re not shooting in a costume category that would be incorrect when you change to diff holsters). 

    I’m fairly ambidextrous and just wondering if this is an option that ever gets used by folks and if it’s legal to do so 

  6. For any other new shooters, another good piece of advice was to go download a sheet showing a bunch of different sweeps, and while practicing try to mix up the sweeps so you don’t get stuck doing a certain sweep in your brain.

    even though it’s embarrassing, more video of progress as it may help other new shooters

    “Whatever you practice is what you’ll do in real life.” -Doc Shapiro

  7. Solid information is invaluable. I progressed mightily from match one to match two because a couple pards said “hey have you tried…”


    now I’ve got ol Doc Shapiro in my ear, things are looking up! I love to learn. 

    I think lots of guys are starving for some solid SASS shooting tips out on the interwebs. Hard to know who to hear and who to tune out

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