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  1. Howdy!! Tippmann has just actions...at least they use to..I am saving up for one of their 9mm Gatlings... https://tippmannarmory.com/ hope this helps... T.O. Curly Jim
  2. Howdy!! Looking to but some .45 basic brass 3 1/4" length.. Anyone have some they would like to part with? Please let me know..need 2 or 3 boxes. Thank ya all kindly!! T.O. Curly Jim SASS#5115
  3. Howdy!! Picked these up on a trade a while back.. a used set of RCBS .45 120 3 1/4" dies.. (the three die set). There is a small area of corrosion on the inside of the resizer die by the mouth end that I passivated and smoothed out a good bit.. other than that..dies work well..no problems at all..first $75.00 American get them..That includes shipping!! Thank ya kindly... T.O. Curly Jim SASS# 5115 (Oh..since I have been labeled a " undesirable" by PayPal due to the fact that I make and sell swords... (?!!??) .Paypal is not an option so DM me for payment details....)
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