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  1. 6 hours ago, High Spade Mikey Wilson said:

    I agree with Hoss, .375 seems small. If I were you I would slug the barrel before buying any bullet tips. Back about 10 years ago I bought a Winchester Legionary Frontiersman 1894 in a 38-55. I loaded up some .375 bullets and I couldn't hold a group to save my soul. Knowing the 38-55 had a few different bore diameters I called Winchester, and no matter what I said the guy insisted it was a .375 bore. I still think he was just using a CMA statement. Well I slugged the bore twice and both times it came out as .377. I loaded some .379 262 grain gas checked bullets and never looked back. It went from could barely hit a target at 100 yards to a great shooting gun. I won a couple of big bore shoots with it at my local club.

    I have found 262 grain gas check bullets but I am looking for oal and power recommendations for this bullet. I have an 1894 Oliver Winchester in 38-55

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