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  1. I got interested in CAS, because I was wanted opportunities to shoot my Colts other than just poking little round holes in paper at my local range. I started checking out the SASS web site and forums, and visited a match with The Cowboys in Norco. I then joined SASS, even though I didn't have all the equipment I needed, because I thought I had to to be involved in matches and purchase through the forum.


    I then exchanged a few PMs with Yul Lose, who was very supportive, and met up with him at the Escondido Bandidos for my first match. Yul was a great help in guiding me through my first few matches. I've since been shooting with both the Escondido Bandidos and The Cowboys almost every month since I joined.


    I might be a little different from others starting out, because I knew what my goals/interests were going to be in CAS: I had no interest in shooting the fastest times, or running "race" guns with mouse fart loads. I wanted to shoot my Colts dualist, carry cross-draw, and use an old dbl shotgun that I have. I didn't have a pistol caliber lever gun, so I needed to buy one of those. I've always preferred a 92 to the 66 of 73, and was fortunate to find a nice Rossi 92 here on the forum. I also found some nice quality leather at a decent price here in the classifieds, in the cross-draw style that I wanted to use. I've probably shot at a dozen matches, and so far I'm still perfectly happy with my equipment and the category that I've chosen to shoot. It's been a whole lot of fun.


    The biggest benefits I see to supporting SASS are the web site and these forums, and because SASS is what ties this whole sport together; these are the reasons that I'll continue my membership. I have little interest in the Chronicle, I seldom open the monthly on-line version (I really dislike on-line magazines) and I'll maybe spend 4-5 minutes skimming the quarterly print version.


    As to promotion/marketing of CAS and SASS, somehow SASS needs to work on overcoming the perception of CAS as a geezer sport, versus the reality of the sport.


    Best regards,

  2. "Can you provide a link please. Can't find them on the web.




    Ken Baumgartner

    (323) 263-4513

    Superior Industries

    3365 Union Pacific Avenue

    Los Angeles, CA 90023


    Best regards,

  3. Jim Martin for all of his action work uses main springs from Superior Industries in L.A. No one knows their way around a Colt SAA better than Jim, so if their his choice they have to be about as good as you can get.


    Best regards,

  4. The holster is a left-hand model with gun situated for right hand. Now there is yet another idea to ponder.

    Assuming this is a wet plate, the image would be reversed, so the holster would actually be right hand.


    Best regards,

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  5. I'm a big fan of the Hi-Tec coated bullets, though the quality isn't the same from all the suppliers. The best that I've found have been from Bayou Bullets, unfortunately they don't have quite as large a product line as some other suppliers, but if they do have what I'm looking for, there're my go to vendor. The quality of some of the coated bullets I've recently ordered from Missouri Bullets were not as good as some of the other suppliers, but they were the only ones that had what I was looking for; but still better than standard lubed bullets.


    Best regards,

  6. Head over to the Colt Forum. If you're already a member send a PM to "thecoltguy", he's probably one of the leading experts on pre-war DA Colts, particularly the Officers models, and I'm sure he'll be very helpful. If you're not a member, join and post the question in the revolver forum, and I'm sure that you'll get much good information, and "thecoltguy" will likely respond. There's no better place for finding information on Colts, one of the best forums on the net.


    Best regards,

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  7. I shoot either 38 special with a set of 2nd gens, one's a 1st year 38 Special, and the other is a late 2nd 357; or 45 Colt with a set of 3rd gens. Action work by Jim Martin. One to the primary reasons I got involved in CAS was for more opportunities to shoot my Colts. I shoot dualist, and am pretty slow, so I'm not stressing the guns very much. The 1st gens stay home.


    Best regards,


  8. Didn't expect to come back from dinner with this much input! Much appreciated y'all!

    Sorry if I didn't reply to everyone! ...


    I seriously considered getting a pair of Colts in 45 along with a Winchester 73 in 45 as well. Colts and Winchesters are how I first fell in love with the old West. I'm sure I'll eventually end up with some... but they're so beautiful that I'd be worried about dropping or marring them up. And I'm not sure if I would send them out to get modified.

    I very new to the sport, so far, so take this for what it's worth. I've been shooting Colt SAAs all my life, and one of the main reasons that I got into this sport was to shoot my Colts at something more than paper targets. I live in SoCal, so the days of being able to head up into the mountains or out to the desert for a day of casual shooting like I did "back in the day" is pretty much gone. Depending on how I'm feeling, I shoot either a pair of 2nd Gen .38s, or a pair of 3rd Gen .45s,, and one of these days I might break out a couple of 1st gens just for the heck of it. I shoot dualist so I'm not running the guns real hard, and they've all had action work by Jim Martin. One of these days I'd like to break out of the bottom third at a match, but speed is not the reason I so enjoy this sport.

    So I guess it comes down to what your interest in CAS is; if it's to translate your 3 Gun experience into CAS, then most of the suggestions in the prior posts are the way to go, but if your interest is to play with the real thing and what initially spurred your interest in the Old West, then get the Colts and Winchester. When your guns eventually show some wear from use, it's nothing more than a sign of how much enjoyment that you've gotten out of them participating in this great sport.

    Best regards,


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