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  1. For me and Killer Rabbit it was the people we met and their willingness to come right over and talk to us about the sport that made us want to join. It is those same people that kept us coming back for our third year in SASS now. Along the way we have attended more matches at a lot more clubs and it is always the same it is the people we meet that keep us coming back.


    Some of the cowboys and cowgirls we have met along the way HUD McCoy, Doc Hornady, Most Wanted, Tuscarora Slim, Slim Chance Pistolaro, Annie Dote, and Latort Lawman.


    Now when we are at a match and we see a guest we make sure that we go and talk to them and offer to let them try the sport.


    It is nice to be fast and clean, but doing something I enjoy with my daughter and our new friends was worth the price of admission.


    Lee and Killer Rabbit 101429&101430

  2. If you and your friends are planning on attending the January Perry County Indoor Match they are more than welcome to use my backup 92 for the match and if they want they can try my Codymatic for a stage. I will be there along with Killer Rabbit and we share the Codymatic so it isn't a problem with the slicked up Rossi 92. I always have plenty of extra 38 spl with me so that isn't a problem either. I will probably be at the February match also.



  3. My friend and his friend will be joining SASS the have begun to buy guns. For the time being they are planning on sharing the expense of a rifle. One has a mind to get a Henry big boy in 38 spcl.

    Please share your opinions good or bad aside from price why he should or should buy this for SASS.

    They have already shot one match using my 66 in 44 wcf and 38 spcl Vaqueros




    Sgt H

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