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  1. On ‎3‎/‎25‎/‎2017 at 9:59 AM, Warden Callaway said:

    Is there a way to search just one forum?  That is, Wire, Classified, or  Saloon.

    I can't find it, if there is. I did a search and more than one forum's results were displayed.


    If anyone else figures this out, please post the answer in this thread.  


    I find that when I click on the search window and enter my text it automatically sets the search at the right level. If I am in a thread it is sleected to search "This Topic". However if I want to expand it to the current forum (e.g. SASS wire), I jsut click on the dropdown box and change it from topic to forum.


    Likewise if I am in the SASS Wire, the search defaults to "This Forum". I can expand it to all content by once again clcking on the drodown box.


    The only thing I havent been able to see is how to set up a seach to only search two forums (eg Wire and Saloon). From what I can see you can search in a single thread, a whole forum or the whole site.


    Thank you so much. :)

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