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  1. Only the short sighted, uninformed, selfish fools can't see how vital SASS has been to the shooting world.


    To her credit, when she should be telling some of you peckerwoods where to get off, she spends hour upon hour patiently enlightening you as to how good you actually have it.


    It's time for you cowards behind a keyboard to load up, dress up, and posse up to be part of the solution instead of just bellyachin'.

    So we should be like you and call people names? I will also point out that you wrote this with a keyboard as well.

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  2. Founders Ranch is a gold mine....... for the owners. You have brought up many concerns that I was thinking about as well. I believed that SASS owned FR but it looks like SASS pays a lease to use it. Now what happens if the lease was to end? All of the money spent to build and improve FR would be retained by the owners. One thing I was wondering is if the lease payment just happens to equal the mortgage payment. No numbers have been given and this has the familiarity of the "you have to pass it to find out what is in it."


    The math doesn't really add up for me as well. It was stated that there was somewhere over 19,000 PAYING members. Now if you were to multiply that by $65, now you really start to wonder where all that money is going.


    A lot of clubs scrape by and live off donated items and labor just to have a place to shoot. The last thing we need to do is squeeze them for money as well because they will have to pass that expense to the members.

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