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    big game fishing, hunting, pre-1900 firearms collection, horses and bison, scuba diving, road racing and F1. Kaler and Dunn Texas Family ancestories, Colt Collectors Association.

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Born and raised in Texas. Education: BS biology, MS Veterniary Anatomy, PhD Anatomy and Neuroendocrinology, MD Radiology.


I began collecting firearms many years ago and now have a fairly good example of early Colts, ranging from 1838 through 1900 in my collection, including one US inspected SAA one serial number from one documented at Little Big Horn, a pair of '61 Navies owned by "Lone Star Harry", plus his 12-page autobiography, several Open Tops, Lightning and Burgess rifles, 1878 ext hammer and 1883 hammerless SGs, the earliest Winchester 1866 with Winchester bbl address, swords, Indian artifacts, etc. Of course, I can't shoot these......So, I'll use Ubertis, etc.


My alias "Ranger Red Dunn": The Kaler family arrived in Corpus Christi in 1850 and held farming land (now in town). We served in the Civil War. The Dunn Family arrived in 1851, (Elizabeth Dunn married Charles Kaler, hence the connection) and were cattle ranchers. They herded cattle up Padre Island and several of their encampments still exist on the island. John B. "Red" Dunn and his brother Matt were both Texas Rangers, Red having joined twice (Once in Frontier Force and again in 1874). I have Red's autobiography and a manuscript covering the Dunn ancestry. So, my brother has the alias "Ranger Dunn" since there were two Dunns in the Texas Rangers! The avatar is Red Dunn in his later years in front of the Dunn Museum in Corpus Christi (now gone).

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