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  1. RO1 p 18 item 6.


    Revolvers are returned to leather (re-holstered) with hammer down on a spent case or empty chamber at the conclusion of the shooting string, unless the stage description specifically directs otherwise; e.g., ―move to next position and set gun on table or prop.‖ A shooting string is defined as shots from one type of firearm prior to the next type of firearm engaged. (Gunfighters may choose to shoot five rounds, safely stage their loaded revolvers, hammer down on a spent cartridge, shoot another firearm, retrieve the revolvers, and finish the ―"shooting string" before reholstering.)


    The string ends when you transition to the next firearm. You may go back to correct errors prior to firing the next firearm.


    Penalty RO1 p 27 under 10 second penalties, Prodecural Penalties

    Not returning revolvers to leather unless otherwise specified


    So unless the stage instructions allow a non gunfighter to stage the first pistol, the shooter earns a procedural.

  2. Mine will not. My disconnect switch is between the battery and ground. Since there is no ground there is no circuit for charging.


    However since you have a 7 way, I assume you have trailer brakes. In the event of disconnect your battery provides the power to the trailer brakes. I would not suggest towing either with the battery disconnected or removed.

  3. Frederick Jackson Turner, singer

    Tupelo Flash hosted a TV show

    Evil Roy see him on TV a lot

    Wolf Bane TV show host


    Saw these 4 guys on a TV show back in 2009, that's what introduced me to SASS. Have met them all. :D


    Worked security for a few football games in the Phoenix and Tempe area, met a few players including Kurt Warner.


    Where I work it's almost a matter of process. Whether you retire or are laid-off, the process is the same. The reason is they want to make sure you aren't leaving with any sensitive information that can be used against the company like competitive information, trade secrets etc. It sounds harsh but I understand why.

    The places I know that do this will walk you out that day but if you gave 2 weeks notice would still pay the 2 weeks.

  5. Scottsdale is one of the many cities attached together to make the Phoenix area. You can pass through about 10 cities and never get out of town. D'backs play in downtown Phoenix, Cardinals and Coyotes in Glendale. 3 SASS clubs in the area: Cowtown, ACSA and Rio Salado, not to mention some other great clubs within driving distance. Over 185 golf courses if you like that as well. Ben Avery Shooting Facility is a huge complex with most types of shooting venues. If it is available in a big city we probably have it....except a winning sports team.... :D

  6. Just because no one noticed it at EOT or WR, doesn't make it legal. Show us a photo.

    First off I am not complaining and my belt has been modified to conform. I was merely passing on info that I thought was correct. It was noticed and discussed prior to purchase.


    The photo that Palewolf showed is a good representation, except that it was a 10 reload strip covering 5 shotgun loops. Before I bought my belt in 2010 I asked at my RO1 class and was told it was legal and I will not name names. They referenced the statement in SHB P11 listed below.


    Leather belt slide ammo loops are acceptable; however, shotgun shell slides may not be worn over shotgun loops on an ammo belt. Shotgun loops must be in a single row. Rifle and revolver ammunition may not be carried in a shotshell loop.


    My shotgun belt has undergone significant surgery to allow it to conform to the clarification. Before it held 10 pairs of SG and 10 reloads, now it holds 5 pairs and 2 reload slides not over loops.


    Besides, after 6 1/2 years it's probably time for a new belt anyway....now you know what to get me for Christmas.... :D

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