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  1. So now if one of the moderates don’t like a discussion going on he just locks the topic. How the stage was written makes a difference on if it is a miss or not. But to ban a discussion because you don’t like that people disagree with what you are saying Is a Crock of sh*t. It is obvious that people think that the saying it’s a miss is not right and that the pages of the rules posted are not what applies.
  2. One of my 650’s is 35 years old and the other is 8 years old. If I have any primer issues I clean and replace the little spring and the problem goes away. Like Phantom says ,would not replace them unless I wanted to spend money. I cant even guess how many rounds have been loaded off the old one. The 750 is smoother because of the roller, the 650 can be ungraded to the roller.
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