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  1. My teenage son finally went today and tried CAS and he may be hooked (Says he still likes Skeet more) but the whole way home and for an hour after he was talking about ways he thinks he can improve or do differently next time and even wants to go tomorrow and practice just pistols.


    To paraphrase my friend Colorado Jackson, he needs "big boy certified" leather. His jean size is 44-46 and I measured him and It looks like he needs leather size 48-50". He will shoot 5-1/2" clones or Rugers and 12GA shotgun. If any one has some leather in that size range or knows of someone that wants to sell some, please let me know. I'm partial to and have Kirkpatrick Long Hunter rigs from 2009 so that's what I'm used to. New stuff just isn't in the budget right now (I looked!)

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  2. 3 hours ago, Texas Maverick said:

    I agree, I tumble both brass and nickel together and have for a while without any issues. 

    Tumble for a couple of hours.




    Same for me, a  little Lemon shine and a few drops of Dish soap.

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