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  1. I'm so thankful for SASS and the Wild Bunch. I've already paid to extend my life membership for a second lifetime. If they would find a founders club place for me I'd pay for that too.


    Only the short sighted, uninformed, selfish fools can't see how vital SASS has been to the shooting world.


    The only folks for which I feel some sentiment are those that truly are pinched by economics. But in all reality, at any level of cost, someone would be in financial stress. Where there is a will, you will find a way. The participation, experience, and relationships are priceless.


    Additionally, before complaining about SASS membership, have you complained about the rise in prices of shotgun shells, reloading components, firearms, gun show tickets, boots, clothing, automobiles, trucks, tires, auto repairs, camping fees, gasoline, food, motel rooms, ice, cookies, candy bars, beer, booze and road tolls? Every one of those items have risen as great a percentage as your SASS membership which is still within the price of a good pair of shoes!


    I say again. Thank you, thank you, thank you, to every Wild Bunch member living and dead. It's my belief that your efforts have not only been pioneering, but time will show them to be historically significant.


    And, you fellers are lucky, I say LUCKY to have someone like Misty Moonshine to lead the fight, all the while, standing up to the headwinds of ignorance! She certainly has much more patience than I. To her credit, when she should be telling some of you peckerwoods where to get off, she spends hour upon hour patiently enlightening you as to how good you actually have it.


    It's time for you cowards behind a keyboard to load up, dress up, and posse up to be part of the solution instead of just bellyachin'.

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