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  1. Sorry folks. This is the one John Wayne movie that I intensely disliked. It appears to pander to the libtards and displays a clear lack of common sense on the part of Wayne's character. He knows full well that he is not only in danger but is being hunted by killers. Even so, he disarms himself to give in to the idiotic ideas of the female protagonist that guns are inherently bad. As a result, Wayne nearly gets himself killed at least twice by being unable to defend himself. Of course, at the end he is saved by a plot device of a handy sheriff who isn't seen until he miraculously shoots the bad guys to protect Wayne. Even after all that, Wayne and company ride off in a buckboard and Wayne throws away his guns.


    Dear God! What a load of bull feces! I can't believe that I actually watched the whole thing.




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  2. Well, folks, I hesitated before writing this as I didn't want any of you to feel bad.


    I'm one of the lucky ones! At 77, save for an occasional minor bout of gout in a big toe, if I were doing any better physically I would probably have to get a permit! :D


    Unfortunately, my wife is at the other end of the spectrum. She is approaching 50 significant operations now and something is always hurting. I do understand and have a great deal of sympathy for her and all of you who are having problems.


    Yeah, getting old is not for the weak and timid but still beats the alternative by a wide margin!


    Best wishes to you all.




  3. Oh, come on! Simple application of a propane torch does a wonderful job on ear hair, although you do have to be accurate. Move off target and you may find yourself totally bald in seconds. Not recommended for those with shaky hands or poor coordination.


    Oh, yeah. You should use nose plugs to avoid the uncomfortable smell of burning hair.




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