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  1. Now your saying its in the right rear but the article and the phenomena is with the front end. Its been around for a very long time. I've personally experienced it back the early 90s in my 1984 Ford Ranger with a 6 inch lift kit. A friend of mine had the same problem in the mid 90s with his 1978 Ford Bronco. Both of our vehicles were 4 wheel drive with front coil spring suspension. I describe it as a rebound problem and a sharp jolting bump in the road got it going. My experience is the front end started shaking back and forth with the steering wheel almost ripping out of my hands. Slowing way down was the only way to make it stop and man it was scary! We were told back in the day that a steering stabilizer shock was the way to prevent it. To this day Ford still uses steering stabilizers on certain truck models.   

  2. Its the small details of a match that at least I remember the most. Sinful and El Lazo and the rest of there team go the distance to make the shooters as comfortable as possible. Ice cold water near every stage. Porta pottys that are cleaned regularly and are lit at night. Walls blocking lead splatter at the loading and unloading tables were there needed. Tractor pulling hay bailed trailers taking shooters and spectators from one end to the other. You get the picture. Oh and a fabulous dinner with great entertainment and a Western themed saloon. Its my 8th year going except for 2020 for obvious reasons and its the shoot that I wouldn't want to miss. Highly recommended!

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  3. Howdy,

    I have used Bear Creek Supply moly coated bullets for years but the heaviest bullet they sell for .45 Colt is 205 grains in weight, or at least that is all I can find. That and I am actually new to loading .45 Colt. I have always used .38 Spl and .357 Magnum for my CAS guns. I have a 500 round round box of BCS 205 grain bullets that I am loading up for CAS, after I figure out the right recipe.


    Anyway, I am curious about HSM bullets. I bought a 500 round round box of 250 grain LRNFP "Hardcast" bullets and I was wondering; Are they really "Hardcast"? I did some research on line looking for the Brinell Hardness of these bullets and they have a claimed Brinell Hardness of 15. If they are I would think that "leading" would be minimal.


    Has anyone tried these bullets and what are your impressions of them?


    I plan to load these at the medium to upper limits in power for lead bullets.


    I got a couple of boxes of Bear Creek 255grn ,45 Colt bullets. Did they stop making them?

  4. I have looked at that photo multiple times trying to figure out "why"? Why would anyone want that except as a curiosity or a conversation piece?


    It only hold 2 rounds

    It's heavy

    it's too long


    I think I have a name for it, call it the;



    Yeah dreaming it was for sale in California...


    That's the one I bought. Make sure to check the fit in the receiver for proper depth before trying to assemble it onto the barrel extension. Mine had to be turned in a lathe 3/32" to fit the receiver properly. If it won't thread in properly the mag tube is one thread too shallow and the shell follower won't reach proper depth causing the last round to hang up on the mag tube opening. And that's if you can get the front half to mount up at all.


    It has to do with stacking tolerances. Only happens in one in a thousand or so. If I had done this first, it would have saved me two hours of fiddling with the new tube! With the number of '97s I've acquired now, it's knowledge I'll not forget.

    I guess I lucked out on the two I bought. Haven't experienced any problems that you describe. I just double checked them again and all looks good. Thanks for that tip..

  6. I've ordered original Winchester 97 parts from Numrch before and what they sent me was garbage. Worst condition than the parts I wanted to replace. I know for a fact that there are lots of Chinese parts that Numrich sells that's garbage also. Example is the left extractor. I took a chance and went with the Chinese made tube and I was happy to see that it was well made, blued and it fit good. The only thing I needed to do to it was slightly bore out the hole that the lock pin goes through to 1/4 inch. That was it. Careful buying original parts from them because of poor conditioned stuff.

  7. If you fired the 97 and the tube came loose that means the threads on the tube are worn. I had 2 of my 97s do the same thing. Under recoil the mag tube slipped right out because the threads were worn and rolled over. I bought 2 tubes from Numrich gun parts and they worked just fine. They are Chinese but the quality was good. Remember when the tube is installed correctly, the square protruding nub on the tube will face the bottom of the barrel when its locked into place.

  8. I've been buying all my .22 online for 4.00 a box of 50, shipped. Hasn't been too much in stores. I got a Bass Pro shop gift card for Christmas so I will have to go in there soon to look around.

    Slim. Its not easy finding 22lr ammo at Bass Pro. I always check the one in Manteca. When it does come in theres a 4 box limit. People actually grab more than they could buy and hide it around the store only to come back and purchase them later. I once found two boxes hiding under some rifle cases. Yes I bought them.

  9. Lee dies work fine for my Iver Johnson Model 1900.

    By the way, have you learned any tricks with getting mice to fart in the empty cases and seating the bullet before the 'propellant' escapes?

    HAHA! Propellant? I thought just a good SP mag primer would get the job done?

  10. I see lots of shooters spend a nice bank roll on there pistols and rifles only to go cheap with there choice of shotgun. I am for a fact one of those shooters. My choice is old Winnie 97s for smokeless and a Stoeger when shooting B.P. The right equipment can improve your score with practice. It reminds me of the old saying. "You lose it with the pistols, you make it up with the rifle and you win it with the shotgun". I for one will do the switch one day soon to a SxS and i think Ill be contacting Johnny Meadows for an SKB.

  11. Yes, he could buy a complete set of 32 SW dies. But since he already has 32 Long/Mag die set the only thing he needs is a seta/crimp die that will work. The Lee set comes with a 32 ACP seat/crimp die. https://www.amazon.com/Lee-Precision-Carb-Die-Set/dp/B00162RTB4

    Yep this is the die set I got and it works great. One tip I got. I was bulging the brass by attempting to seat and crimp at the same time. The brass is very thin. I would advise you adjust your seating die so it doesn't crimp when seating the bullets then readjust to crimp after seating. I wish Lee made a Factory Crimp Die for the little .32 s&w but they don't.

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