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Hi Y'all
For my preference I use a pair of Uberti Cattleman 4 3/4" pistols, a Stoeger SxS and a 73 Border rifle in 357/38. I also have an original 97, and a Baikal hammered double to use depending on the way I feel. Yea I'm a gamer but enjoy those big bores too and even like to use a little BP in the shotguns.

Like many of you I was introduced to various firearms as a kid on the farm. Guns have always been a part of my life. I'm a retired law dog with 38 years on the job and most of it on the street. 9 years running the SWAT team and related military training gave me considerable experience with semi-autos and smg's and all the rest. Cowboyin before I joined SASS and CAS has given me lots of good time experience with single action pistols and the other guns we use in this sport.

I spend a lot of time in the USA with my pard Blaze Dawson near Memphis Tennessee. The location allows me to meet and shoot with many fine people from the Memphis Gunslingers and the Mississippi River Rangers in nearby Byhalia, Ms. I'm only an hour from Michigan and have made a lot of good friends and pards among the "Wolverine Rangers". That's were I do most of my shooting with my travelling pard Briscoe Callaghan as monthlies are only 1 to 1 1/2 hrs away.


Add on (EDIT). After many years of shooting Traditional I found I was looking for something new and which would improve the "FUN" factor. Right after Range War of 2014 I started shooting "Gunfighter". You will not see me without a big grin on my face!!!

Hope to see you and many more pards down the trail!
Regards! Colt

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