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  1. I would set up an endowment to assist secondary schools and colleges set up competitive shooting programs, build state-of-the-art ranges and promote the positive aspects of the shooting sports. Then, I'd indulge myself in a cased, consecutively numbered pair of 4-3/4" nickel Colt SAAs in .44 Spl. with full coverage engraving and one piece ivory grips. -- GIT

  2. There is an old Pennsylvania Dutch proverb which applies here, "The truth is still the truth whether you believe it or not." Different versions of a battle like the Alamo will always be with us, perhaps the exact truth will never be known. OTOH the various stories and accounts, whether true or not, are a wonderful part of the Texas legend and history. -- GIT

  3. The Cody Firearms Museum at the Buffalo Bill Western Heritage Center (I think that's what they call it now) in Cody, WY has a number of firearms once owned by Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill and Theodore Roosevelt, among others, as does the Gene Autry Museum in CA. The Cody Museum is actually several western history museums in one and is well worth taking two or three days to see it all. -- GIT

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