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  1. I have had a Lortone tumbler for 40+ years with no issues but it is rather small. I have both the small and large Dillon units and so far so good. I find the vibratory units work better but are noisy.


    When they fail...and they will...I will probably make a larger version of the Lortone.


    Coffin Filler

  2. You need to evaluate YOUR needs. What kind of targets do you shoot at? Is recoil a concern? How good a shot are you?


    Shot is expensive so cutting back saves a bit of money. I practice trap shooting using 1 oz loads, but always use 1 1/8 in competition. I cannot afford to miss a bird when it matters. But trap is a different game. I used to shoot 20,000 rounds a year so saving money on practice shells mattered. Cost did NOT matter when competing.


    For the vast majority of CAS shotgun targets, 3/4 oz will not have many disadvantages. If you have a stage with aerial targets or stubborn KD's it is not a big deal to carry a box of heavier loads to get the job done. Then go back to the lighter loads.


    Pattern YOUR gun with YOUR chokes, and YOUR loads. There are a LOT of perfect scores shot in skeet with less than 7/8 oz of shot.


    Having said all that, unless you flinch, or recoil affects recovery for subsequent shots, more shot will always be better.


    My CAS load is 7/8 oz of 8's @ 1050 fps I have a box of 1 1/8 8's @ 1145 fps if needed.


    Coffin Filler

  3. The 158 will make a decent hunting bullet so I understand choosing it. Like others have commented, I prefer the 125 for less recoil plus less lead usage. Molds are relatively cheap so think about that. A 6 cavity 125 for CAS and a double cavity for the 158 could cover both needs.


    CAS is not an accuracy game so I would look at the Lee as a cheap way to go. Some Lee molds do not work 100% out of the box but they can be tweaked. Lots of info.... Google Lee-menting. I have some Lee molds but prefer the molds from the smaller shops, NOE, Accurate, Mi-Hec.


    I would never buy anything less than 4 cavity for pistol bullets. But that is because casting is not fun for me. I want it done ASAP. Factor in your time and consumption needs. Figure about 100 bullets cast per hour per cavity. Then you need to lube and possible size them. Again lots of options there.


    One last piece of advice. Scrap lead is not that easy to find anymore. I cannot justify the time and fuel to find it, or the effort to make into good ingots. I buy my lead from a foundry or on-line. You can normally get processed lead for about $1.00-$1.15 from guys who process range scrap and/or other sources.


    Good Luck!


    Coffin Filler

  4. Even without the high cost of .22's, it seems like a poor idea. There would be limited appeal to my way of thinking. The light .38 loads make recoil a non-issue so that reason does not hold water. I certainly agree that allowing people to shoot .22's should be considered. Maybe that is all they have, or do not reload, or that is what they want to shoot,,,, but they shoot for fun only with the rest of the participants.


    I used plink with .22's but it is cheaper to shoot .38's and 9mm nowadays if you reload and cast.


    Coffin Filler

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