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  2. Bob... that thing is plumb cool! How could you NOT buy it??
  3. We were told at binder mechanic school that we were not allowed to use hammers anymore. We were supposed to use whackcommiters Have them from 4 oz to 35 lbs. GW
  4. From the '70s to today, I like lubed Ox-Yoke "Wonder Wads" loaded over powder & under balls for both a small filler & lube carrier in everything from my .36 caliber Patersons, 1851s, .45 Dueling pistols, to my .53 caliber Hawken, whenever, the load will not sit in the firearm more than a couple of hours. Otherwise, making sure the powder charge is large enough to fill the chamber (most revolvers have a smaller diameter in the chamber area than the ball), seat the ball directly on top of the powder and use Remington or TC "Bore Butter" to seal the open end of the chamber. I only like milk carton wads under flat based bullets to act as a gas-check and seal from the bullet's lube from contaminating the powder... i.e. in cartridges... and where possible with a grease cookie between the wad and bullet base. Hence my 28gr of 2F Goex under a variety of bullet weights in the 45 Colt... my soft recoiling and all day shooting load in the 45 Colt from both revolvers & leverguns. No cleaning between stages, not even necessary for 2 day shoots. (As long as there's only 10 stages... more than that and the over-night cleaning becomes a good insurance policy that you'll complete all 12 stages with no problems). In my guns... YMMV.
  5. The German Mauser HsC is chambered for the 7.62 round. The .32 ACP works just fine in it. One of my regrets; selling a 7.62 HsC liberated by my father in 1945 to make a mortgage payment during the Carter years..
  6. Yes, it's Facebook. No, I haven't found it on Youtube or other site yet. Yes, I know that some of you won't be able to see it. Some of this tech is a couple of thousand years old. DANG! It won't let me embed it! https://www.facebook.com/www.nextgendata.in/videos/587411898430780/
  7. Would look good on the Post parade jeep.
  8. I drilled a bushing out just because I could bu the 42 bushing works fine. I painted the outside of the barrel red so I can see it through the charge bar and know it is BP. Would be very exciting to forget to change it and load up a bunch of smokeless rounds!!!!!
  9. PM, I use small test tubes. I load them with powder while watching tv. Throw a small brass funnel in the chamber and dump the powder. Faster and easier than paper cartridges or a flask. Place a wonder wad and seat the ball. Still perform my posse duties. Gringo
  10. Always heard the phrase"run down at the heels",or to mean having seen better days,shabby,or down on his luck Choctaw
  11. That ain’t no hammer, that’s a swing press.
  12. Today
  13. Thank you.. I'll check it out.. I was wanting one already slicked bit I'll give it a look.
  14. Hello. We are at Land Run in OK. Very poor internet here. YES , I want the guns , please call my cell 305-924-6292. So we can set up the transaction.
  15. Eileen, I did purchase it. I have a new (never shot) in box Uberti, 73 Competition that I had on backorder with my local gun store. Arrived a few days after I purchased Ruger Ron's. Now I have a spare rifle as I did not want to lose my deposit. It is factory action job, short stroke, 20" barrel, 357. See pg 31 of catelog https://www.uberti-usa.com/sites/default/files/originals/product-catalogs/2019-busa-dlrwrkbk_uberti_section_lores_final_msrp-only.pdf download. PM me if interested OJQ
  16. The cylinder walls should be straight. Any taper at all allows the ball to become looser as it moves in the cylinder. During recoil, the ball will start to move and there is nothing to stop it from continuing after the initial tension is broken.
  17. i hate to do this but... What Day is it?
  18. Good pics. Whats the story on the lock? ..........Widder
  19. Have you tried sending @Ruger Ron a PM? I'm guessing that the last poster above you took it and RR doesn't frequent the Wire/Classifieds.
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