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  2. Supposedly when he was moved they discovered his body had calcified, and while perfectly preserved it weighed several hundred pounds.
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  4. Just give me the pump .22 and the 1911 and I'll be set. Too much of an arsenal is hard to move around and will only attract others to come and take it.
  5. Does anyone know why topics are locked on this forum?
  6. I got my Belt Mountain pins in and really like em. Send em an email and you won’t regret it. BD
  7. Does anyone know why topics are locked on this forum?
  8. I was referring to the reference chart that outlined the process for a TO. RO1 page 49. It doesn't say anything about determining procedurals or safeties with the spotters...just misses! We have storefronts where the windows don't allow the TO to clearly see what the shooter shot. SO as others are saying, 4 people weigh in on the outcome, the TO ultimately makes the final determination. Unless the shooter protests and then ????? Ike
  9. Very good to hear. I purchased a remling 30-30 around 2012 and the fit, finish and function was terrible. I've heard their newer rifles have improved a lot so sounds like they are heading in the right direction.
  10. Looking for ak74 magazines- caliber 5.45x39 Also looking for correct Russian parts suck as handguards, stocks, grips, slings and again...magazines. Thanks! Pk
  11. All's I can say is Thank Y'all for coming to our part of Texas. We enjoy the company and look forward to having you back. Hospitality ??? Well that's just a way of life in Texas. Thanks T-Bone and Ellie
  12. They are open to hunt here and are a nuisance. They travel from pond to pond cleaning them out as they go like the aliens in independence day.
  13. Up for sale and available at Shootout at Cavern Cove (April 25-27) in North Alabama. Will also sell via FFL and ship at actual cost. Nearly new set of SASS Vaqueros in 357 magnum. Guns have no perceptible wear. Previous owner indicated he shot 100 rounds or less through the pair. Papers and hard case are with them. Asking $1300 at Shootout at Cavern Cove, or the same plus shipping elsewhere.
  14. A step beyond: Does anybody have a list of tasks and hardware that you use and are willing to share for putting on a shoot? Things like timer batteries, score cards, spotter flags/batons, water, ice, range operational flags, clay birds, etc., etc.?
  15. Here's my riding mower. Doubt they'll make an electric version any time soon.
  16. Excellent. The stat for Michigan CPL holders can be found here: https://www.michigan.gov/documents/msp/All_Statuses_Report_647845_7.pdf GG
  17. Very . My grandfather was born in the late 1800s, luckily I got to meet him. I have several photos of him. Following is one of my favorites. This reminds me. One of my co-workers was complaining about her step-daughter's boyfriend's first name. It was Guy. That was my grandfather's first name.
  18. Open your action look to the left side of your bolt. Sometimes the screw holding your firing pin loosens and will interfere with the opening and closing of the action.
  19. Slowaz IS a solid pard. Can't wait to meet up with him. Shortcake's Irish eyes are smilin already!
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