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  2. post a picture of what you need please. I may have one.
  3. The youngest son of a great Indian chief went to his father and asked "Oh father, how did you choose the names for your three children?" The great chief replied "My son, when your older brother was born, the first sight I saw after the moment of his birth was a bear running through the woods; so I named him running-bear. The morning your sister was born, the first sight I saw was a beautiful star, so I named her morning-star. But why do you ask me such a question, two-dogs-fornicating?"
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  5. I was a Captain in the Texas Rangers, fought in the Texas Revolution, survived the Goliad massacre, led the first Ranger expedition into Mexico in pursuit of Apaches, wound up fighting the Mexicans and burning the town of Piedras Negras to cover my mens' escape back to Texas. Or at least my alias did. JHC
  6. J-Bar, try going down to Puertorico. There your name is your first name, your father's last name, and your mother's last name. When a woman marries she keeps her name. So if Maria Sanchez marries Juan Gomez, she stays Maria Sanchez. If they have a kid named Pedro, his name is Pedro Gomez Sanchez. I go down there to work. I had to sign in at the airport gate. I showed him my Florida driver's license. 14 hours later I'm attempting to go back to the motel. I have to sign out at the airport gate. They can't find any record of me signing in. The morning guard looked at my license - John Doe Alpo - naturally assumed that Alpo was my mother's name, and signed me in as John Doe. Then when I was trying to leave, and told her that my name was Alpo, they couldn't find any listing for Alpo on the log. I had to look through it and find where the morning guard had screwed the pooch.
  7. Crunch time. I need whatever I can get my hands on. No problem with the Marbles.
  8. I had a PW-87 that Lassiter had worked his magic on. Worked just fine but it was far from pretty. Replaced it with a stock IAC 1887.
  9. A few years ago, there was a congressman here in Massachusetts. His name was Richard Swett. He didn't go by Richard. Or Rich, or Rick. Believe it or not, there were bumperstickers on cars that read, Dick Swett for Congress. Don't believe me? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Swett
  10. No disrespect of anyone intended. I thought I was being humorous, but posted without thinking. Mea culpa. I feel very badly for the folks suffering through droughts and water restrictions. We are fortunate at our primary house to be on wells that are very deep and very full; no water issue...yet. The summer cottage is a different situation. All of Cape Cod is on the same aquifer; spill some gasoline on the ground on the north side and it can end up in my drinking water 100 miles away on the south coast. Very delicate system that teeters on the edge of failure; we do have some voluntary rationing and limitations on non-essential uses. We may need to abandon the lawn and end up with sand dunes and beach grasses. LL
  11. I'll take them. Let me know where to send funds with shipping included. I live in Great Falls Mt. 59401
  12. You're not supposed to edit it while I'm writing my response.
  13. It's not critical. If you can measure the distance between common detail of one notch to the other - i.e. left edge of one groove to left edge of other groove - that's how much to take off. I confess, the only pin that I did cut off, I just guessed and tried.
  14. I don't believe that says DRY. What you are reading as RY, I believe is the number 7. Look at the way they wrote the seven in the date at the bottom of the page 1764. The seven is quite a bit lower then the rest of the numbers. I believe instead of DRY, that says 27, making the number of 27,274. I wonder if that that looks like GN is an abbreviation for gallons. Making it 27,274 gallons of rum. Which does not agree with my calculations in the thread about provisioning a warship.
  15. you got lucky....several years ago me and the ex had a dead tree we were trying to save money for to have taken down decided it had other plans during a windstorm in the middle of one night....woke up to no power, heat, phone, cable, or internet in the morning....and the only cell we had was a cheap pay as you go flip phone for emergencies that the battery was almost dead on. Tree missed the house, but got a direct hit on both the power and cable lines...everything both lines were attached to was ripped off the house. The cable part wasn't bad, but fixing the damage caused by the electrical line and meter being ripped out cost over $8000....thank goodness insurance covered most of it....
  16. Ain't my house, but only about 25 yards away. Not that there is a lot of di But, thank you. Hmm...I don't seem to have any photos or videos of the place! What a second while I take one and upload it. Wind chimes, bird feeders, and, on the right, with stretch wrap around the cages to keep deer out, our tomato plants and a few herbs.
  17. According to this site is was 17, 274 gallons
  18. Sam, I have some H4227 and some 4759 left over from many moons ago. Remind me to bring to 10horns some time. Not making Land Run..
  19. Worked with a Stanley Stanley, Went to school with Barbara Horhorne (sp) & also Robin Hohs
  20. Not to be confused with SDJ's "tree" story... Big ol' tree in the back yard died ~ drought victim. Right at 40' tall, too close to the house, an obvious hazard. Would have done considerable damage if it came down on the house. Estimate to take it out many hundreds of dollars, just to drop the thing; no cutting it up, no hauling it off. Okay; no problem ~ I have plenty of chainsaws and a chipper. As soon as the weather dries a bit... Two weeks ago we had a windstorm, and I sweated it... any branches that might snap off would hit the house. It survived. last week we had another, stronger windstorm. I came home late that night, went out back with a flashlight, and - that sucker was DOWN! The only damage was a palm tree that I wanted to get rid of and a broken ladder by the palm tree. It missed everything else - Paul Bunyan couldn't have done it any more perfectly! Thank you, God! So I've been a chainsawing and chipper-ing fool ever since.
  21. All my life I have struggled with three first names. Roy Douglas Bryan. Roy was my father; I’ve gone by Doug forever. Don’t make your kids go by their middle names. It took me an extra 20 minutes at the DMV last week to renew my license because the clerk had entered the wrong last name in her computer. And there have been other times...the hospital emergency room took some extra time to admit me because they were looking for Roy Bryan in their records, as my pulmonary embolism progressed. And then we named our daughter Anne Kathleen, and called her Katy. Sorry, hon.
  22. I work at LGS, one day a gentlemen brought in a Savage bolt action that he thought was chambered in 22 lr. He was complaing that it would jam, accuracy was poor, and a 22 cleaning rod would not fit in the bore. I looked it over and saw on the barrel it was chmbered in 17 HMR and told him that was the problem. He got a strange look on his face (probably felt like a fool). So he bought the correct anmmo and I never saw him again.
  23. HC, If you are listening to Dooley Gang stories you want be done by the time to pull out and head for Land Run. Glad to have you at Bar-3 and enjoyed shooting with you. Plan to come back and eat, shoot, and hear more stories. You and Outrider can spread the word that the little turkey is smaller than the chickens.
  24. Thanks for the kind words Russ. We have no control over the weather. We do have control of good, fun stages. I got lucky yesterday and wrote 6 stages that were all smooth and straight forward. The Border Vigilantes consists of many seasoned SASS veterans and that makes things much easier when hosting a match, everyone is on the same page. The stages you shot will be very similar the Hell On Wheels stages, with a few twists. FYI, we are over half full now and anyone that wants to shoot Hell On Wheels needs to sign up soon.
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