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  2. I've used it at 2 different locations and no one has said anything other than how good they look, I'm sure at some point in time I'll run in to that "one guy" who will make a big deal about it but all in all it doesn't give me any real advantage other than comfort. I'm working on a bulldog blackhawk right not, have to get the barrel bobbed as I don't trust myself with something like that, also I'm almost done with an ak with a special stock made to be more lever action like, just got to get the barrel retreaded, again don't trust myself on that. Thank for the kind words, I may open a custom form and we can see what all the "can leave it alone" nuts got, made start something...
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  4. Besides, the "Greeners" used in Big Jake were not really Greeners but Crescent FA Americans - according to Internet Movie Firearms Data Base. http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Big_Jake#Double_Barrel_.22Coach.22_Shotgun
  5. I hate to be a wet blanket, but that one looks like a Kyber Pass Special from Afghanistan. The bolster, where the nipple, or cone, screws in doesn't look right to me. Also, the hammer looks like it was modified for a Snyder conversion. I spent three years in Afghanistan and never did find a 1853 pattern Enfield that was all correct. I have shot in the North-South Skirmish Association off and on since 1970 and have looked at and fired a number of original Enfields. The Afghans were good about taking pieces of original guns and mating them with home grown parts. Parts of your rifle musket look correct, but others don't. Please err on the side of safety.
  6. Im sorry. Festus, Mo. but I will ship.
  7. Dana Delaney for sure, Catherine Bell never did it for me, liked Tracey Needham better in Jag.
  8. The Siamese elephants has to be one of the funniest things ever on TV. We'll never see anything like that again because some jackass (or many) will be offended by it. P. O. O. P.!!!!!
  9. As Lorelei was in Calamity Kris's dress shop/millinery trying on the lovely purple dress, she thought she saw Calico drive by outside in her wagon . She asked Kris if she knew if Calico had a fancy dress for the dance , and if not, had she been in to look at one. Kris said Calico hadn't bought a new dress since years before her parents died, but had heard from Cayenne Kay that Okie had dropped a $20 gold piece down the back of her dress the other day while at the general store, but knowing Calico, she would return it to Okie the first chance that she saw him. Lorelei was thinking that Calico would probably give her a lot of grief if she tried to pay her for shooting lessons, so she decided to use some of her new found wealth to pay for a dress for Calico. While it wouldn't be as expensive or as fancy as the one imported from New York, Calico deserved a new dress. That way, even if she returned the money to Okie, she'd have a new dress to wear to the dance. Maybe if she had a new dress she would use at least some of the $20 to buy a new hat to go with the dress. When she shared that idea with Kris, Kris thought it was an excellent idea and said she was making one up that could be fitted for Calico. Now they just had to figure out a way to get Calico to the dress shop to get fitted.
  10. If you reload and particularly, if you chronograph your reloads, you need to consider this information: When you set your Chronograph 10' from your muzzle, and then cypher your velocity averages, your muzzle energy AIN'T really 'muzzle energy'. Its 10' from muzzle energy. When somebody sets up their Chronograph about 10' from their muzzle and then uses those velocities to tell you how much 'muzzle energy' is generated, The energy generated would actually be ..... "Energy 10' from the muzzle". I've been guilty of this in the past, but I must admit I get annoyed when some of our 'Pros' try to impress us with great muzzle energy stats when in effect, the bullet velocities used to establish the muzzle energy was taken 10' (and sometimes further) from the muzzle. I wonder if ALPO ever thought of this? ..........Widder
  11. Get a two foot box to stand on...That will make it 20 feet... Texas Lizard
  12. Sorry, I can't resist. Behold, a Greener, a big loop 92, and a pair of Colts. I need to redo this pic
  13. Characters so far - Calico Mary – lives with brother Charlie aka Evil Charlie – aka Evil – Mary’s brother, aka Critter to Mary Doc Ward – owns livery stable Blackwater – blacksmith Hardpan Curmudgeon – newspaper owner/editor Calamity Kris – owns dress shop/millinery Grumpy Old Man – owns butcher shop Sixgun Seamus and wife Cayenne Kay – own general store Cayenne Kay – wife of Sixgun Seamus Prairie Dawg – town mayor & banker J. Mark Flint – lawyer, works at land office, installed town’s telegraph Tyrel Cody – sheriff Okie Sawbones – doctor Whiskey Business – runs saloon Michigan Slim – bartender Linn Keller – preacher Lorelei Longshot – schoolmarm Sedalia Dave - owner S Bar D ranch Stirrup Trouble – ranch hand at S Bar D Gateway Kid – ranch hand at S Bar D Utah Bob – owner of Lazy B ranch with Badger Mountain Charlie & Chickasaw Bill Badger Mountain Charlie – partner with Utah Bob and Chickasaw Bill Chickasaw Bill – partner with Utah Bob and Badger Mountain Charlie Shotgun Willie Nelson – lives in the hills
  14. Be sure that they use the correct oil if you take it to any shop except the dealer. I have caught a couple shops not using the correct oil. My 2016 GMC has a special requirement so I take it to the dealer. Costs less there than it does if I took it to one of the 30 min chain stores.
  15. Back on topic, I did the same thing as you. But my Greener is a ten gauge. Here’s mine and my John Wayne stuff
  16. I highly suggest Master Ken’s dojo!
  17. J-BAR #18287 Member Members 1,869 6,956 posts Gender:Male Location:Springfield, Missouri SASS# 18287 Southern Missouri Rangers, Central Ozarks Western Shooters, The Ozarks Posse, Powder Creek Cowboys, Outlaw Camp 2 hours ago, Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329 said: And every other Frontiersman will say the same! And that is the beauty of percussion revolvers—- more than one way to be successful. Yep! J-Bar knows! --Dawg
  18. I don't know. Maybe if you're down wind. There is only one way to find out. Turn in that application and show up! See you there.
  19. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kIqofVwYi4I pt1 playnig hockey with a warped puck
  20. Thanks for the positive feedback, everyone! I sparred last night, and caught a knee with my shin, and quickly realized I need to buy some new shin pads! My old ones were deteriorated after 20 years. Wow, is my leg sore! On the plus side, my instructor asked if I would attend a seminar with him, which caught me a bit by surprise, since I haven't been back into it for long. I have a feeling I will be overwhelmed, but that's OK. Oh, and Sunday is my annual 5K trail run. Oh, boy... I thought I would take the time to show a picture of my instructor, Dan Distelhorst. At 74, I have a high level of confidence he can still take me.
  21. My Talo edition 45acp, New Vaquero, shoots CB45 with no problems.
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