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  2. Well... Turner's Outdoorsman is taking pre-orders at $179.98... https://www.turners.com/all-products/browse/keyword/wrangler?utm_source=PRE-ORDER+SPECIAL+-+Ruger+Wrangler+.22lr+&utm_campaign=Ruger+Pre-order+Special&utm_medium=email Uh... do I need a new toy...?
  3. Just curious if someone knows anything about Heiser leather company. I got s Winchester modern 1907 and included was a leather magazine holder with a 10 round magazine (the holder is designed to hold three magazines). The stamping and metal snaps say the company name and Denver CO. Never seen a 1907 magazine holder before this.
  4. Not a silver eagle, but I can attest to the Henry being a fun little side match gun.
  5. I make a nice portable gun cart that is big enough for everything you need but not so big that it’s cumbersome. The handle comes off with one thumb screw and the crossbar pivots for storage. $240 plus shipping. This is one I made for J. C. Wade
  6. Bought 10+ years ago at an out of state match. Unique antler sheath with locking bar to keep in place. Stick it in a boot,belt etc. Someone put sone time into this. $40 shipped. First “I’ll take it” posted here gets it.
  7. Howdy Rev. : Good ta see YA is viewing da grass from da Green side .... Cookies and Coffee fer all the Grumps .... Jabez Cowboy
  8. Probably not to our faces, at least while we are tooled up
  9. Marshal Cotton will be missed. I know I enjoyed talking and shooting with him and Miss Pepper. Prayers for friends and family. FreePort Phil
  10. "Lying by ommission." Sort of like, "MOM! Billy HIT me!!!" But not telling mom that Billy hit Little Susy because Little Susy was hitting him a belt .
  11. Will the youth rear stock fit them? Rowdy Riley said they sure are pretty...
  12. I've been watching it. A good friend of mine became a Marine JAG officer after he got out of law school, so I kind of have a connection. So far it's been a pretty good and fast moving show.
  13. Remember that Cowboy guns will have a lot more value to cowboy shooters than to the average gun buyer. And that (at least) three things will be adjustments up or down on what prices you can ask: * condition, age and rough number of rounds fired * special tuning or customization that has been done, and the gunsmith's name * how easy the commonly-done speed tuning can be done on the gun and how reliable the gun is when tuned (especially important on shotguns - SKB doubles command a premium because they can be easily be made to be very fast guns, and BSS doubles because they are mechanical triggers and very reliable) It's worth trying to write down a description that includes most of those factors. ALWAYS include manufacturer, model, caliber, barrel length, and special features from the factory. Great pictures really help sell guns, if you are not working face-to-face with a buyer. Either figure out how to take them, or pay someone to take good photos. So, it's not like there is a real "Blue Book" on the values of cowboy guns. Prices you can expect to get will depend a LOT on how hard you want to work to sell them. You CAN always post a SASS Classified ad for a slightly high end price, plus a "Or Best Offer (OBO)" note at the end. Then you and prospective buyers can work your way down to a settlement price. If you do post on the SASS Classifieds, figure out how you will work with out-of-state buyers ahead of time, including getting the shipping and FFL costs covered, if you need to. You and your buyer will be more pleased if you have done that kind of homework, too. If all else fails, my rule of thumb is take the gun's current new price "on the street" (not MSRP), then multiply by about 2/3. If your used guns are in good condition, working 100%, and not real dinged up, they may be able to garner about that amount. Good luck, GJ
  14. I have one I bought last fall and it works fine so far. It’s fun to play with at the range but I won’t use it for competing.
  15. It also might be a follower from a solid frame gun in a takedown
  16. My first book on the subject!
  17. Yep. It was a simple, simplifed, thumbnail look at Taoism. A quaint little book with the title, The Tao of Pooh. Nothing deep, but a gloss to introduce people to Taoist thought.
  18. Nice, may get more lookers and sell faster in the Classifieds......Good Luck https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/forum/14-sass-wire-classifieds/
  19. Just don't. Save some money($600-$800) and find an IAC or save even more money and get a Chiappa($1000-$1200). The PW87 are junk. Lassiter can make them run, but he's about the only one and I believe he'll charge you extra. I've talked to a couple of other 87 Smith's and they won't mess with them at all. They don't feed well and eject even worse.
  20. I have several including the Reid Knuckleduster. Neat conversation piece.
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