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  2. Thanks for reminding me Rye. I'll have to stream the previous episodes to catch up to current.
  3. More "memoirs" from the shop bench. As it says, an original Remington Rolling Block action waiting for someone's else's next project. I will even throw in that cute wooden box! $200 or any reasonable offer Ol' #4
  4. Yeah, you can add me to that list as well. HEHEHE If I ever become State Champion, there were a helluvalot of train wrecks on the way to that buckle!
  5. They said when Gene Autry went to England or Ireland, I forget which one, 300,000 people turned out to see him. Great series so far.
  6. For a quality one I would start at Knudsen Hat Co.
  7. How many rounds does it typically take to shoot long range?
  8. Thanks for all the helpful comments. I did rotate the lever spring off the lever, but the screw still won't break loose. Very frustrating. I guess the next step is to use an impact, although I don't want to do that unless it's last resort. Would it help to apply heat to the screw or lever?
  9. That's like a "Gus" hat...Almost every hat maker has one. cost varies from less than $100 up to over $1000.
  10. I was wondering the same thing. A dedicated Quigley site? Who knows? I'd try Knudsen hats though. They have one that looks really good. I almost bought one from them, but it looks a little big for my head. The one in my pic was a close compromise
  11. Far and away a Ruger Single Six bought in 66. For its first 30 years I avg around a brick a week.
  12. Of course. I was just trying to be funny. I have no idea how I would carry myself if I were a state champ. I'll let you know if it ever happens.
  13. I remember when there was just country &westerm or hillbilly music. The latter morphed to bluegrass and the former....well, I quit listening 15 years ago with the advent of line dancing, hip/hop/rap, earrings for boys, and britches with more than a couple lines of stitching on the pockets.
  14. just remember the barrels are .375 not .358 like .38 special bullets. Need to use hollow base bullets for accuracy or sleeve the barrels.
  15. They don't anymore that I can see but I have seen some used on GB. Was seeing if I can find some a couple of those here. Trying to stick with the .36 so I can get some conversion cylinders and continue using my .38 reloading horde. I'd ponder those .36's but I'm weird about stuff matching. Well, that and I'm trying to stick to short barrels so they don't stick out the bottom of my rig. Short may be a tall order though...
  16. I've been messing with this lately too using a Lee LA but am getting some weird results. I'm using the 4cc of Goex BP, 1138 wads and I think I settled on 1 1/8 shot. Win AA's buckled on me. Rem Gun Clubs worked great but required a black eyed pea to close proper. Others use this same combo or less shot with no pea. I'm baffled. Federals with a brass bottom worked a little better but needed a second pea. I'm a dork and am probably skewed by the burgundy color that I like better haha. Would like to use the federal hulls with less powder (3.5cc - 3.7cc) and 7/8 - 1oz shot. If anyone has a wad that eliminates the peas, I'd sure appreciate it.
  17. @Croc Holiday What do you mean by Sherrif's? I don't think they make the Sherrif models in .36. I've got this pair in .36: I have a pair of brass frames that are Sherrifs in .44. I've put cap posts in all of them, along with Treso nipples and light springs. Let me know if any of those interest you.
  18. Today
  19. Poly Tech is the manufacturer. From what I read these guns were hit and miss on quality. Hopefully yours is one of the okay ones.
  20. Check out californiagunslingers.com for info on all of the Northern California clubs. There's a match at Diamond Dick's Cowboy Town in Sloughhouse almost every week of the month. They are all great people, makes me sad that I only get up there maybe once a year.
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