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  2. According to a truck driver, they had one down there this PM, but weren’t having much luck.
  3. I'm sure you got a huge, positive reaction out of that!
  4. Shut your a**, im already having a hard time not taking it!
  5. One of those in 22 Hornet just sounds perfect to me. I wonder what the length of pull is on these guns. Are they shrunk too, from 13ish inches down to 11 or so?
  6. Using the unexpected explosion caused by the 'experts' as justification for the arrest?
  7. Somewhere above you mentioned that leather rigs have to be tooled. Unless SASS has changed things, that is NOT true. Personally, I have been shooting military style rigs for years now. Although I sewed cartridge loops on my belt, I wear a M1874 Dyer Pouch on the prairie belt, and drop my shotshells and if necessary, enough cartridges if a stage happens to require a reload. At the loading bench, I simply take the ammo boxes and load from them, leaving them until after the stage. I happen to shoot "Duelist" style, and shoot loads that are somewhat stiffer than you will want to. Why? Because I allow the recoil to roll the gun in my hand, allowing me to hook the standard hammer spur and come down onto the next target. I AM NOT FAST, however. I only compete with myself. Two-handed shooting is much more common, and I have seen some of the top shooters who shoot two-handed who can out-cycle a M1911 semi-auto! They grip with both hands, but thumb the hammer with the "off" hand. Regarding the remark about soft holsters causing problems, I agree 10000%! A properly fitted holster should be wet-fit to the gun and stiff enough to hold its shape for years! You will probably have to do the fitting yourself, no matter how high the quality of the leather maker. You will want to do the final fitting to your liking. This isn't difficult. I include detailed instructions on how to do this with holsters I send to my customers. I am sure others can detail how to do it right here on the Wire..
  8. Hey all! Looking to pick up a Winchester 1873 lever action, and debating Taylor vs Cimarron. I saw a review of the Taylor that said that the finish on the stock was a bit on the reddish side, rather than brown, when compared to the Cimarron.. Does anyone know if this is generally the case? Thanks much!
  9. I am a SASS member located in Lewisburg, TN, and need some assistance. I am trying to purchase a 1940 Ford pickup cab for sale on Facebook Marketplace. The guy I am trying to deal with will not let me ship from his location, wants cash and take it away., must have been burned by a scam, I guess. I need some one i n the LaClair area with a trailer to go get the cab, pay the guy, I will send funds first, and hold till my shipper picks it up. Really would appreciate the assistance. PM me if someone can do this and I will give you my telephone number. Thanks, The Tennessee Cowboy formally known as Georgia Slick.
  10. The major portion of Mrs. Doc's problem is that we lived there as newlyweds when my Army Reserve unit was activated during Desert Shield / Storm. She was away from family, had no real method of doing much, other than watch the news and worry. We got out as much as we could, but it was still not a great time for her, so I think the memories just aren't good ones. We did get to the King Ranch, though. Probably the highlight of the trip. If I were to live there again, I think I would want to locate around the New Braunfels area, in the Hill Country. I'm sure even that has grown significantly since I was last there eleven years ago,
  11. Come on, Pat! You know you want one in .30-30! that would be an easy sell, too. Two American classics combined in a rare configuration!
  12. I have some great deals on 45’s New Vaquero Pair $1149 Original Vaquero Pair $1199 both sets are stainless 5 1/2” and have competition springs. See ads in the Merchant Corner for more info.
  13. Wish many more match directors would follow these guidelines, very well stated....Thank you
  14. This is a leather, steampunk, top hat hand made by Head’n Home hattters. This style is called “Coachman”. It is a size “Medium” and fits about like a size 7 or 7 1/4. It is sturdy and finely-crafted. It comes with a set of plastic steampunk goggles, but they are not permanently attached. This hat would add a unique look to a steampunk outfit, or just an offbeat western character. These hats retail for $187.00. Shipped to you for $125.00
  15. Yeah, my wife said she would never live in Texas so I had to take her to Memphis first and then she said she would even live in Texas to get out of Memphis. She now likes it here in the Austin area.
  16. Skid loader is how one we got out the CJ-5 we got stuck in the Black Warrior River bottoms outside of Tuscaloosa back in the 80's I say we, but I was on the Suzuki MC leading the way
  17. While in Bozeman Montana doing some pawn hopping this last weekend, I came across a real Colt 1878 SxS 12 gauge shotgun that according to SN was made in 1883, damascus twist barrel so black powder only. Very nice condition. I don't have photos but am happy to put any interested parties in touch with the shop and am sure that they will be happy to send some out..... I have no connection to the shop, just thought it was a very cool piece of REAL history. PM me for shop contact.
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