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  2. Yet another FB find.
  3. I have seen Clubs use old Telephone Poles.
  4. Had to stop be'n a Duelist because of shoulder and hand issues. Now, I be a SS...... Best of both worlds. OLG
  5. At the Princeton Illinois Gun Shows a dealer has one sitting on his table for years . It is impressive .
  6. Got ya all beat. Here is just a sample of my t-shirts given to me from my wife and daughter. I also have hats. TM
  7. One of the reasons I like Bear Creek moly coated? No lube to 'fall-off' and the moly doesn't gunk up the dies. OLG
  8. They are beautiful birds and I only found them around the Tucson, AZ area. Live in the steep hill sides. TM
  9. In this situation, the Co-worker was aware of a possible situation and would have had time to 'be ready' for the aggressor. ..........Widder
  10. Ike, I think you missed the part about "on the way home from work" and "work" prohibits firearms on the property/random vehicle searches/etc. It wasn't the store prohibiting carry, it was the persons place of employment that prohibited possession. Angus
  11. I got a batch that way from a supplier. Contacted them and they sent me replacements at no charge. If they don't stand behind their product find a new supplier.
  12. Oh, quit her whinin'!!!! Just funnin' ya Pat. I'm sure at some point and SASS survives, that I'll have to shoot squaw grip. Until then, I'm going to shoot gunfighter or duelist. Hope you heal up and get back in action soon.
  13. I did the same. Told them I didn't do business with the new bank handling their credit cards. I haven't been back since. TM
  14. being a negative person, what the hell good does a gun in your car do if you walking away from it? Going into a store, and then walking back. If this were a kidnapping three is no way she could have run to her car, got the door open, took possession of the gun and brought it into the ready. The I got ya law in Florida is you can open carry a rifle or pistol as long as you are going to or coming from camping or fishing. There are a bunch of 2A activists who are always walking around with fishing rods and guns!!! Cops have to leave them alone. Ike
  15. I've been practicing trying to switch from two handed to gunfighter but after today's practice session I've come to the realization my arthritis just isn't going to let me do it. I had wanted to switch from a SxS to a '97 but my shoulder won't let me run that slide forward like I need to. So reality says it's a SxS and two handed for me. As Dirty Harry said, "A man's got to know his limitations." I guess the aging process catches all of us eventually and we have to play the hand we get delt and be grateful we can still play the game we all love.
  16. Today
  17. Do you get Mearns quail as well? I have hunted both in AZ when I lived in Las Vegas. they both are pretty birds as well as the Chukars that live in the area. TM
  18. There isn't a single member here, who is not getting even while reading this. We never know when Old Arthur or Cousin Cancer will come calling... OP, your comments above reinforce my resolve to sell my Harley before I get crushed under it. Last Monday, I shot 75 rounds of trap before my beloved 870 picked up a chunk of snot and jammed the slide. The Wingmaster has a nice recoil pad, but I was very much aware of 75 rounds and my shoulder. One must adapt or give up. This morning at 10am, I pick up my adaptation for this: a new Remington V3 which is reviewed as one of the softest shooting 12-gauges. I expect to add a Kick-EEZ pad to the 870, the Stoeger and the V3 if it needs it. I spurned 45C loads because I don't want the recoil. Everything else I own is 357 and it has taken me a long time to find the right components for low recoil loads. I euthanized my last pet yesterday... very old age... bad teeth, bedsores on his feet. It was a kindness. His passing reminded me that our time here is brief. "Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble. He cometh forth like a flower and is cut down..." With this in mind, one can adapt or give up. If this means smaller calibers and lighter loads, then so be it.
  19. That's the beauty of the Rimfire match. No targets to reset or brass to pick up. It goes pretty quickly and the ammo is cheap.
  20. You might want to check with your local or state laws. When I worked at FedEx as a consultant they had the same rules about not having a firearm in your vehicle on their property. They were told this wasn't allowed and people could have them in the vehicles as long as they kept them locked up until they left the property.. Just a thought that might be the same there. TM
  21. Covert wireless are real good and send the pics to your phone.
  22. Oooh..I forgot that one. Love that movie! I still have a crush on Sigourney Weaver Check this out: https://uk.ign.com/articles/2019/10/15/never-surrender-a-galaxy-quest-documentary-gets-limited-theatrical-release
  23. Yeah, I just tried shooting duelist for the past month but my arthritis isn't going to let me do it. I had to go back to two hands. Oh well, at least I still shoot and enjoy my CAS matches. TM
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