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  2. I can't remember the last time I bought wax paper!
  3. I cover some things I reheat in the microwave with it. I individually wrap some individual portions of things I put in the freezer. I used to use it to polish playground slides back when they were steel, but it just doesn’t work for the new-fangled plastic slides.
  4. Howdy Yes, Uberti chambers the Schofield for 38 Special. https://www.uberti-usa.com/top-break-revolver Uberti makes a 38 Special Schofield in four flavors. Five inch barrel and seven inch barrel, blued or nickel plated. Yes, any revolver chambered for 38 Special vs 45 will always be heavier because the holes for the bore and chambers are smaller. I went to the Uberti website hoping they listed the different weights, but they do not. Yes, reaching the hammer with your thumb is more of a stretch with any S&W #3 Top Break than with a Colt style revolver. No, you do not have to buy two Schofields. Nothing says your two main match pistols have to be the same.. But if you care about being competitive, it is. always a good idea if they match. Obviously I don't care about being competitive.
  5. I really like mine to shoot more in the minute of cup cake. I feel it gives me more room for error - especially important when shooting at the last tombstone on the rack that's about the size of a soup can.
  6. We can't thank Bill Carson enough for lending us several targets that we are using for this match! I do believe, however, there have been several accidents reported at a couple of 4-way stops in the Memphis area. Bill is running a cowboy fast draw clinic on Thursday after lunch at the .22 range. Y'all need to stop by and check that out as well!
  7. Well, the NE Ohio shooting season is sadly coming to an end. The Brown Township Regulators will be holding their last shoot of the 2019 season this Saturday the 26th. Kitchen will open for breakfast at 8:00 am stay open through lunch. Registration begins at 8:45. Safety meeting at 10am with bullets flying directly after. We will shoot 6 fast close fun stages. The weather report seems to change hourly so stay tuned if the weather turns nasty. Come on out and join us for some fast shooting fun. More info and directions at www.browntownshipregulators.com.
  8. Follow the link! https://www.facebook.com/bordertown2017/
  9. Great series so far! Two really good teams!
  10. Deer, dogs and some varieties of nonvenomous snakes speak a seldom encountered dialect of Lithuanian, most dont read it well. Imis (purveyor of factoids you may not know)
  11. Could we send it to hungry, third world countries? Imis
  12. You MUST lube the shells before you resize them. If you don't they WILL stick in the dies and are a bear to remove!
  13. I use it the same way Imis, I build rubber powered free flight models. Keeps things from sticking to the plans.
  14. When I’m gluing up veneer to plywood panels for small boxes I use waxed paper between the panel and my clamping surfaces to keep the glue from migrating.
  15. I shoot a pair of Schofields in 38 spl. from time to time. That don't feel any heavier than my Ruger 357's. Lot of fun to shoot but they sit in your hand differently than a SAA. Longer reach to the hammer than the Ruger shooting one handed. Also need different holsters than SAA.
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  17. I use it in model making, glue and paint dont stick well Imis
  18. Blue 32's, black 31's and 2 more pair of the 34 brown striped still available
  19. Before we get into that - in the movie REMEMBER THE NIGHT, Fred MacMurray has a servant. If he was Japanese, he would be a houseboy. If he was English, he would be a valet. But he was Willie Best, a black guy. What would be his job title? Back to the question. Fred was going to go spend Christmas with his mother in Indiana. Upon finding out that Barbara stanwyck also came from Indiana, and had not seen her mother for years, he offered to take her with him and drop her off at her mama's place, so she could spend Christmas with her mother. Along the way they get lost on a back road, end up in a cow pasture in the middle of the night. Hungry. Then Fred remembers that Willy had made a lunch. They sit there eating sandwiches and drinking coffee. Fred is attempting to guess what is in the sandwiches. There's ham and turkey, and dill pickle, but he can't identify the other ingredient. Barbara tell him that it's some of the wax paper the sandwich was wrapped in. No one wraps sandwiches in wax paper anymore. They use plastic bags. So what do they use wax paper for? It is still being made, so it must have a use.
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