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  2. I let ya win a couple of times and now I'm subjected to this kinda treatment.....oh jeeezzz!!!
  3. Don't know that the stage is over but the timer stops anyway.
  4. Now we are getting some where. If if I earn something I should get it. I also as a shooter should know and understand exactly why I am getting said something when I leave the line.
  5. This has been discussed before. If pistols are not shot last, they both have to be returned to leather before the next gun is fired. If they are not, it's a P. If pistols are shot last, then no call.
  6. Excellent! communication is key. Between TO and spotters, between TO and shooter, etc. Everyone should understand the calls recorded and why; that's how we learn and improve.
  7. Agreed. The TO must announce the time and any misses/penalties to the shooter. And the shooter has every right to ask why. REF ROI, bullet 11 Also See SHB pg 23 (emphasis added)
  8. by Washington Examiner  April 24, 2019 12:00 AM
  9. The problem I have is that the T.O. didn't explain what they saw! Not sure why he/she didn't. T.O. absolutely can and should have the authority to assess a P if warranted, but tell the shooter why he/she earned the p Rafe
  10. What JB said except if original Colt Lightning parts will fit the AWA, and I think they may but not sure, there are some parts available. I won't post the sellers information but if you contact me by email I will let you know. Also, Lassiter works on them and may have parts or a source for them. As far as price goes, they came in many barrel configurations, finishes, hard to just say a price without knowing more about the gun.
  11. I've got a drill press and extra bushings, so now I have to try the 9/16th trick for grins. I'll also order both bushings from Larry Potter. Now if I could get the collett to quit hanging up the reloader half way down I'll be set. Yeah it's old and cantankerous (like me) so we're a good match. Thanks for all the good info. Now it's back to the shop. Happy Trails, Coyote Kid
  12. I would guess 30-30 / 170 grn. with provision for gas check.
  13. My thoughts still remain the same. The good news my thoughts really only matter for one small club so other than that it's just stuff for us to kick around as match directors trying better to entertain our guest. Too me if I write a match where 104 people attend and 64 P's are tallied up ......that's not 6%. That's more than half the people (or 60%) got a P...…...and that's probably not counting multiple P's as you can only earn one per stage. There is a rumor that gets tossed around often that the good shooter's prefer fast close targets and easy scenario's and some how that evens the playing field and the rest of the shooters are somehow unaffected by the difficulty factor. What really happens is the top shooter's stage times widen from the rest of the shooter's and everyone's times just get slower and the fun "can" get degraded in the process if you aren't careful. I love a match that includes challenging stages, far targets, close targets, small targets, large targets, clays birds, knock downs and everything else "a cowboy worth his leather ought to be able to do" but IMO you still want to keep record of misses, P's and SDQ's in order to improve the match for fun vs difficulty level for all. I hope the sincerity of this is the focus because I understand how much work goes into these matches and I wish ALL the clubs great numbers and fun times so take it for what it is. Just remember the tougher the match is the tougher it is on everyone and IMO you can make them challenging and fun but there is a fine line between challenging and complicated. I use the P's misses and SDQ's as an indicator of that......so it' just kinda' jumped out at me...…….Good luck down the trail.
  14. Looks like it would take two men & a boy to drag it around
  15. Today
  16. Revolvers are last... last shot (from revolver) goes off and stage is OVER!!! As long as revolvers are reholstered and taken to unloading table, there is no Procedural. First pistol went to the table after firing (pistol string was not over yet). If stage instructions said to reholster each pistol after firing (why would you say that?) then it's a P, otherwise no call.
  17. I’m thinking that eventually someone will want to own this fine rifle. $900 plus shipping and insurance.
  18. The kids may actually learn about the sport and not all the "other" stuff!!
  19. you're not missing anything... SHB pg 13-14
  20. Some advice, Run! They don’t work and no parts or service, they are out of business.
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