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  2. I use it for drying proj I have coated in alox as well. Wax paper- grease proof paper here. Parchment Paper- Baking Paper here
  3. Yaaaahooo!! Looking forward to hosting y'all. I'll see what kinda fun I can round up as this is my home club. That's a busy weekend for the nearby John Wayne Birthplace Museum located in Winterset. They have the birthday celebration going on. The schedule of events for that is not out yet. Indianola is the nearest town to the range and has good motels and restaurants. My favorite stop after shooting is the Outside Scoop for Ice Cream. https://www.outside-scoop.com
  4. Jaan

    Ammo bags

    I wanted bags thin enough I could just put them in my pocket when I'm done loading. For my D&D dice though I make round bottomed bags out of leather or deerskin. I've been experimenting with using thicker leather for a "cup" on the bottom and thinner leather on top. I still haven't perfected it, but here's a picture of a dice bag like that I made for my friend...
  5. Warden Callaway

    Ammo bags

    Pretty easy to make up bags with correct count of ammo at home before match. Then at loading table, just tuck empty bag in behind gunbelt. At unloading table, dump empties in bag. Dump bag in screen bag on gun cart. I'm sure guys like their loading blocks but most don't have enough to do a match so each stage they are loading their block again. After loading their guns, they find someplace to haul the block or often pitch the block towards their cart.
  6. Sorry for your health issues. Lean heavy on that guy upstairs and sounds like your wife is a good woman too. Best wishes. Waimea
  7. Lol. They are a bit wider/thicker than the sass grips but comfort/recoil control is excellent for me. I don't have a problem with the smooth grip but you can get the checkered. For me pistol control is fantastic.
  8. I don't do any SASS/CAS shooting, but I like replica Colt percussion C&B revolvers to occaisionally create some smoke. @Warden Callaway The Pietta 1851 Navy brasser .44s shown are manufactured post-2014 when Pietta changed to a more "conventional" style configuration, which are thicker and blockier than their earlier Navy grips. Prior to 2015, Pietta used what has been termed the 'tail" grip configuration which were longer at the base and slimmer at the wrist. @evil dogooder You are most correct. The 3-gun photo is as follows: ASM 1860 Army .44 full-fluted cylinder with standard Army grip profile. Uberti Whitneyville Hartford Dragoon .44 (Walker frame) with Walker "slim-jim" grips, longer than the 1860 Army. Pietta 1851 Navy .36 (datecode CM/2014) with the "tail" grips, shorter than the 1860 Army but larger at the base. Regards, Jim
  9. Thanks for what you do Bob. Wish I could sign up .....
  10. No. I have a bit of a big hand. You have gorilla hands. I bet you could hold 2 in one paw.
  11. Nobody’s hurt! It’s just money... Had to replace the alternator on Ol’ Green a couple of months ago. Last week, the battery gave up the ghost. First time for an alternator in 385,000 miles, but of course the battery was just out of warranty. Winter is on its way. Wonder what’s next?
  12. No love for the Pink Panther films? Inspector Clouseau was my all-time favorite character when growing up. Another good one was Planes, Trains, & Automobiles with Steve Martin and John Candy. As much as I hate Jim Carrey's politics his Liar, Liar was damn funny as well. .
  13. When I hold a 32-20 round up to my 32 mag single six cylinder the 32-20 is to long. Bullett 19707
  14. Yep, Some use loading blocks, some use bags. Plain or fancy as you want. We use bags. I like them a little larger. Less chance of spilling them when putting the bullets in them.
  15. I had a Kimber when they first came out. Mine had the Clackamas, OR address on it. Foolishly I traded it in on a fancy Series II that turned out to be a problem child. Sold it, later bought another which was also a piece of crapola. I finally swore off the brand entirely, even though I do wish I had that first one back. I mostly buy Colts, although I have had a stinker from them on occasion as well. Usually it's just cosmetic issues though, not reliability. They build a good 1911 but they have a really hard time keeping the outside edges straight for some reason. The last couple of Springfields I had were okay, but not very impressive accuracy-wise. Both were Mil-Specs. .
  16. Don't get new grip frames without trying these first.
  17. Would like to trade 357 Rugers I have 5 1/2 inch barrel New Ruger Vaquero’s with Wolf springs and super Blackhawk hammers very smooth for 4 5/8 barrel guns mine are stainless steel And would like to trade for the same thing in stainless steel but shorter barrels . Just don’t want to send them off to get cut down thanks
  18. They are thicker. Mine are mesquite and smooth. You might want them checkered. They are awesome for my hand size and don't affect hammer reach. My grip is way more comfortable.
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