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  2. When you go to a match to try out different shotguns, make sure and take a box or two of factory loaded 12 ga ammo. If you can find Winchester AA low noise low recoil. Then you can try several persons shotguns. Bullett 19707
  3. The OP has Remington 1858 New Model Armies. They have a lot smaller base pin than the Colt design. Keeping one running for multiple stages can be a little challenging than keeping a colt clone running. From my own personal experience with 1858s. First use only BP compatible lube. If you are not 1000% sure your guns only have BP compatible lube on them the strip them down, clean completely and use only known BP compatible lubes. I use Mobil 1 full synthetic grease and Ballistol almost exclusively. I have tried Bore Butter but when it is cold it is really thick and almost impossible to get out of the tube and when it is hot it melts and gets all over everything. Mobil 1 remains the same thickness no matter the temperature. I use Ballistol because it is so versatile. it can be used straight or 1 part Ballistol can be mixed with 3 parts water. ( aka Moose Milk ) From my own personal experience Ballistol is much more effective at keeping fowling soft when mixed with water. Be sure you fill the flat on the base pin with grease. Remove the cylinder and reinstall the base pin. Apply grease so that it fills out the flat part of the base pin. When you pull the base pin out to reinstall the cylinder, the hole in the frame should be wiping grease off the bottom of the base pin. Re lube the hole in the cylinder with a greased nail or rod slightly smaller than the diameter of the hole. After loading the cylinder don't get carried away lubing the tops of the balls. I personally only lube the first chamber that will be fired. I find this is enough lube to keep the pistol functioning without making it a greasy mess. 98% of hte lube put in all the other chambers gets blown away when the first chamber is fired. You can test this for yourself. Load all 6 chambers and apply grease to the tops of all the balls. Now fire it once and then inspect the face of the cylinder. Make note of how much grease is left in each chamber. Repeat until all 6 chambers are fired. Grease does not prevent chain fires. What causes chain fires is a greasy or oily chamber that collects powder on the walls when being filled. When you seat even a properly sized ball all that powder doesn't get wiped away. Rather it created a very fine fuse that will allow the flame from another chamber to sneak around the ball and ignite that cylinder. When loading the pistol take care not to spill any powder on the top of the cylinder. Don't get grease or oil on the cylinder walls. Especially at the mouth of the cylinder. If you do take a q-tip or a rag around a screwdriver tip and wipe it off.
  4. I been drooling over a Sig Sauer 1911 with threaded barrel and aggressive front and backstrap checkering, also a Savage in .338 Lapua. Then there is that Kimber 1911 carry, oh and a small Glock for carry, and Winchester 1886 in 45-70, and a Barrett in 50 BMG, and......................................
  5. Sounds like the law needs clarification, one way or the other. The fact that Roh was selling completed guns to people prohibited from legally purchasing guns is bad news. As far as I am concerned I don't care whether the AR-15 lower receiver is a firearm or not. I don't own one and have no desire to own one. It does sound like BATF is exceeding its authority in what it is doing by changing definitions without following the legal procedires, but then what else is new?
  6. Today's additions: 12. EPS Cross-draw for a 4 ¾” Vaquero or OM Blackhawk. Basket wave and lined. Excellent condition. $75. 13. SASS Badge Holder: 20 Shipped 16.. Unmarked military flap holster for a LARGE cap-n-ball. Came with a Walker reproduction. $50. Good condition, heavy leather. 17. Unmarked military or police flap holster for large Colt or S & W revolver. FAIR condition. $25 Last (for today). A classic EPS “John Wayne” or “River” rig. EPS lined holster, soft money belt (measures 54-56” End to end, about 50” to center hole). Oregon trail conchos (I can change over to Celtic or Masonic conchos for $20). $120.
  7. 600,000? Where are you looking? Phoenix? Try NM or CO. Place down the road from me has a house, huge metal barn, and 80 acres for 400,000. And it’s one of the more expensive in the area. Search around. There are plenty of Californians moving who sell their homes for a lot more than they would go for here. Of course if you’re going to a big metro area things are different. My sister moved from Florida to California to be close to the grandkids. She wishes now she hadn’t.
  8. If you lived in Texas it wouldn't matter what time it was. You need to get out of Ohio and come south. LOL
  9. Trivia time. The gal in red - Lynn Cartwright - played "old Dottie" (Geena Davis' part) in A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN.
  10. Missouri, Arkansas, and Kentucky are safer red states, and the difference between the top twenty or so on gun rights is small if you read the criteria. But unless one or two more 2nd Amendment USSC justices are appointed then we will all be screwed nationally regardless of the state.
  11. Howdy. Those chain cleaners work great on cleaning out bottles too. Best CR
  12. i found the 20" barrel i bought for my izh43e on ebay... i just couldnt bring myself to cutting up a brand new 28" threaded choke barrel so i bought a bounty hunter 2 barrel and fitted it to my gun... keep looking they come up from time to time... look for "eaa bounty hunter barrel" "remington spartan barrel" "stevens 411 barrel" a generic "baikal" search brings up a bunch of stuff, barrels included sometimes
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  14. I shoot on short posses regularly and help out too. I try to shoot in the first three then load at the unloading or loading table, stopping as needed to verify or clear guns. If there are folks with infirmities that need those spots, I shoot, load, then help where needed. The next stage I help at the beginning and shoot towards the last, loading as the last couple of shooters finish up and while the posse moves. It takes me 2-3 shooters to charge my '51's on the gun. So far no one has complained I'm not pulling my fair share.
  15. I have an American Arms 12 g. SxS impulse single trigger, like new. Barrels are 21", chambers coned, $450.00, plus shipping.
  16. Nicely done? Is that wood or synthetic decking> Nice finish. Caprock
  17. I have many times- Getting the timing 'rite' on the 87 to feed all brass was a challenge. OLG
  18. Howdy Around these parts, the number of shotgun shells needed in a stage seldom exceeds six. I always check the scenarios before I leave the car. If we are having the Shotgun Run with 10 rounds or so needed, I throw my canvas shotgun belt onto my cart. Other wise it stays in the car. I generally do not like wearing a shotgun belt along with my gun belt. I have been using this rig for a long, long time. When I am wearing my belt I slide the two shotgun slides to either side of the buckle. So I always have eight shells available for six targets. If I miss so badly that I need more than two extra I will just take the misses. No, I am not such a fast shooter that it matters that for six shots I will be grabbing two shells from the 'far side' of my belt. It really does not matter for me. The hardest part is I can no longer see my shells because they are hiding under my big belly. Sorry, I can't help with where I bought these slides. I bought them a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away and don't remember who made them.
  19. 1Lt Armor M60a1 Imis no I was not lost most of the time
  20. Have not seen check clear yet, verifying that you all received my late application. Thanks

    Major Bill

  21. You really need to get to a match and talk to folks pard. Drop loop fancy holsters are legal for most categories. Classic Cowboy is the only one that comes to mind where the butt has to be above the gunbelt.
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