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  2. I haven't seen him on Jeopardy. However, yesterday on TMZ, I saw a tape of him on another show. I think it was called The Chase. He was answering the questions before the host finished asking them. Amazing!
  3. His opponents develop the deer in the headlights look early in the second round and he knows it, some even earlier.
  4. Thanks guys, Think were getting close to the answer. I found a couple of 45 CS and will be seeing the owner of the 45acp Vaquero this weekend. Finally time for our first shoot of the year. Been 6 months so getting pretty excited even there is good chance of rain with chance of snow GW
  5. I don’t have any cowboy special cases..
  6. Cheatin Charlie

    Cell Phone

    "I'll give you my flip phone when you pry it from my cold, dead hands"
  7. I received an email reply back stating both 97’s are almost finished. I asked for a date estimate instead of “almost” I have not received that yet. As as I said in the start of this thread, the gunsmith does great work. My intention was not to cause any issues, but to ask the question of if I am being impatient or justified in my concern. I know “Life Happens” and as many in the thread have said, as long as it is communicated then the customer can decide if they want to wait or not. I try try to be as patient as possible and consider the other side of all issues. But, for me to consider them, I must know them. I have even been called a _______ for waiting over a year. I may be several things, you fill in the blank. I consider my self someone who follows the Cowboy Way. My word is my bond. If I tell you something I stick to it. I try to help others and be considerate of their situation. I try to deal with everyone fairly and honestly. I will let everyone know the final outcome, hopefully there will be a happy ending at the end of the saga. Thanks BC
  8. Should put one in there and compare case head clearance but it looks like they would work just fine ...
  9. Reached almost a million and a quarter in 16 days!! His final wager yesterday was $35,000.00+!
  10. I don’t know the dimensions of the 45 cowboy special case but my 45 acp Vaquero doesn’t have the recess for moon clips. The head of a 45acp round does not sit flush with the cylinder.
  11. “Paint” it with a magic marker - not any type of paint.
  12. Today
  13. Rye, Mark, Linn and Slim all took cover as a bullet hit the ground no more than about 3 feet from them! Someone must have had a scoped rifle and that's what that flash of light was that Mark saw. Mark looked through his field glasses but couldn't see anything. Rye felt the breeze of a bullet whiz past his ear! Okay now it was getting serious! They all fired their rifles at once in the direction of where the shots were coming from knowing that they wouldn't reach but at the same time letting whomever it was out there that were willing to fight! 700 yards was a long shot for their .44 rifles. Rye wished he had his high wall.45-70 with him! He could at least come alot closer!
  14. "A dollar saved is a gun earned"..... ..........Widder
  15. Hey Widder, The first step is to build a new garage with a lift so you won't have to crawl around on the floor. Makes changing oil and other maintenance chores much easier. Just think of all the money & time you'll save not having to go to the Toyota dealership.
  16. Yeah, I think I'll bite the bullet (so to speak) and call Midway to buy the 42 and 42 bushings. I'll still paint the bushing, that's a good idea. Thanks again for all the good info from all yall. Coyote Kid
  17. Congrats to my friend RED KNEE. He won speed SG side match at Land Run yesterday. He bettered Matt Black, Missouri Traveler, Hells Comin, and a few other speedsters. ...........Widder
  18. WHEW... I bet that was an exciting event, of which you could have done without..... ..........Widder
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