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  2. As the title says - looking for a pair of these Ruger grips with the medallion #19872 - thought I would check if anyone had a set they didn't like or replaced before I go ahead and get them from Ruger. I am only looking for the ones with the Ruger medallion as it is to match some I already have. If you have any let me know what you want for them please. Thank You
  3. Bicyclists who text and ride are by far the worst road hogs.
  4. BTT for the Friday morning crowd.... BTW NO SNAKES At Firelands!!!
  5. For the record, I've had some problems with base pins in Uberti's and Pietta's and I've seen problems with Rugers also! Isn't it wierd that with all the COLTS I've had and have now there has NEVER been a problem with a COLT base pin...NEVER in 20+ years!!
  6. Climate Change is gonna kill us all in about 10 years and some are worried about truck horns and bikes... Allowing that huge truck to move ahead of you will help save his gas and therefore, less emissions to help keep our air cleaner..... although a disrespectful truck driver helps keep all the other vehicles on the road longer. And those cyclist are also doing their part to help us have maybe 12 more years on Earth before Climate Change kills us all........ even though the cyclist after effects are causing the cars to stay on the road 2-3 times longer because the cyclist won't move over..... Next time any of you encounter such stupidness on the roadways, just remember..... when we all go from either Climate Change or that big Asteroid, some of US will go at peace with ourselves, but others will go as Stupid A$$hollies! And thats about all I gotta say bout that. ..........Widder
  7. I'll take the Birddog and the DC-3 and never have to worry about wearing either out. I would pay a little extra if the DC-3 had a minigun installed in the door.
  8. That man looks... Confident. Intelligent. Able. Dangerous. He and his contemporaries were men well needed in their day. Tough does not begin to define them.
  9. if you email Kyle at Belt Mountain you can order the Colt style pine. They had the #5 one in stock to fit Colt clones, and I just got mine yesterday for my EMF GW's. For the spring on the latch, Wolff has replacement springs that might help. BD
  10. Yes to C45S in .45 LC pistols, smokeless and black powder. You have the option to use bullets intended for .45 ACP which helps with buying options and price. I like SWC bullets. No crimp groove, set your bullet depth, and taper crimp..light roll crimp will work too. RRR
  11. I would love to get an F-14 Tomcat. There is just something about that plane that screams "Pick Me! Pick Me!!" For piston powered it would have to be the F-7F Tiger Cat
  12. I surely did. Was expecting her to cut loose with that there pistola.
  13. How many of you played the video that is included in the advertisement (Chief Rick's first post)? Did you recognize the lady in that video? No hints..... just check it out. ..........Widder
  14. I am looking for a Dillon 550 9mm conversion kit. Also, a Dillon 550 toolhead. Thanks.
  15. You may try taking the base pin latch assembly out and giving it a critical examination. The side that slides into the base pin groove may be worn down. There may be junk or burrs keeping it from going in all the way. The spring may be weak and need replaced. They make stronger springs to help the latch performance. I have a Pietta that I give the base pin latch an extra push when the base pin is replaced to make sure it slid all the way in. Often it doesn't seat all the way under its own power. Once it's fully bottomed out, it holds the base pin securely. Also, the groove in the base pin could be worn rounded on the edge. So annoying is it to have base pin jump forward, I make my own that won't jump forward.
  16. Ruger could have went with Midnight blue. It can be slightly glossy more or a matt or satin finish but very close in color to hot salts blue.
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