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  2. I was really into Old West history- so I started searching for a Colt SAA. I couldn't afford the real thing- but I did find online that a gunshop not too far away had an EMF Great Western II for a decent price. It was case-hardened, .45 and 5 1/2" barrel- exactly what I wanted. While doing all of that searching I came across SASS. Eventually I went to a gun show and there was a booth for CAS there and I was hooked.
  3. I have been collecting Colts and Winchesters for over 30 years so I have a few. I started out using a pair of 2nd gen 45 cal. Colts along with a 3rd model 73 in 32/20 and a first yr. model 97 in 12 Ga. Retired them after using the first 20 yrs in SASS .
  4. Selling the lot together if possible. The belt measures 40" to center hole. The holsters are for a 7.5 and 5.5 Colts. The 7.5 I used for 1875 Outlaws as well and they worked just fine. Belt loops fit .44/.45s. Custom made by Judson Harness and Saddlery in Indiana. $300 takes everything shipped. (rounds not included). Feel free to email any questions rmccorkle@cityofmuncie.com
  5. Prayers out to Winchester, his family, & his friends from Dakota Skipper & the Dawg
  6. Ditto on the socket. I did not have to do anything to my springs.
  7. I have a couple of 50th Ann. Blackhawk's in .357 that I used for years until I went with New Vaquero's. They serve as (unneeded) backups. Work great. Just decided that I prefer stainless guns. The Blackhawk's were tuned by Mid-MD; Vaquero's by Cody. Probably should sell them, but too lazy. Church Key
  8. I had what some folks call "quiet a few" guns but the only cowboy types I had were a Marlin 1894 in 44 mag, a Baikal shotgun and 6 or 8 Winchester 94s. I had never owned a single action pistol.
  9. Speaking of movies, PC, and Asians, has anyone seen Crazy Rich Asians? I saw it yesterday on TV. It was the funniest, non-PC, romantic comedy I can remember seeing. If most of the cast, the director, book author, and one of the screenplay writers hadn't been Chinese; I'm sure some Liberals' heads would have exploded. I laughed and cried. If you get a chance, I highly recommend it.
  10. If you happen to find one that is Stainless Steel or Nickel finish and want to trade for one that is color case let me know. Trying to make the wife's pistols match.
  11. Uberti "Stallion " 38cal 5 1/2 barrel
  12. A large segment of the cowboy population were native Americans as well. After the conflict that occurred mid 19th century, able white men were depleted in quantity. Raising, herding, and breeding cattle required able people, (women worked cattle and other livestock too!) and most cattlemen were NOT particular who they hired, so long as they got a day and a half’s work for a day’s pay.
  13. In some of the movies they do these outrageously graceful 40-foot leaps, usually in slow motion. And they seem more into stabbing with long, sharp nails than biting necks...
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  15. I hope the hit the streets soon. You just can't have too many .22's Totes
  16. I'm interested in them as a birthday present for my son. I'm assuming they will be marked down to the $180 range, which would make them very attractive over the HRR.
  17. Saw this today and thought a pair might be perfect for a buckaroo or buckarette. Thoughts on these new pistols? https://www.ammoland.com/2019/04/ruger-announces-new-wrangler-22-lr-single-action-revolver/#axzz5lZahhe3Y
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