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  2. My neighbors are just starting to shoot cowboy. We let them use our leathers and guns and loaned them my square deal to help them reduce costs. I found a good used Stoger for them. They are now looking for a set of 357's and a rifle, hopefully a Marlin or 66 or 73. We spoiled them by letting them use my Palo Verde rifle and Boogie pistols. Big mistake for starters LOL. Like many of us when we were young ( I myself can't remember that far back as me and Moses were very good friends), they don't have a ton of money to start this game. If you have some safe queens, please let me know and I can pass the info on to them. Thanks Raceshots@aol.com
  3. When I lived in Albuquerque we would see that fairly often in the Rio Grande. Ya cant fix stupid.
  4. It’s about time!! They should loose any nonprofit classification if they don’t defend Second Amendment issues as vigorously as they do other Constitutional and civil rights causes!! But thanks to them for the support on this issue!
  5. Not stolen, I called it in to the Sheriff’s Office just in case. An Oklahoma Highway Patrol officer came while I was still there. My wife’s boss saw it there yesterday PM, two guys with shovels were busy with shovels, but no success. It’s on the Red River below Lake Texoma. They need to get it out before the Corps of Engineers decides to let water out of the lake.
  6. True, if you are only looking at gun ownership factors. If you consider cost of living and real estate values, the Ozarks comes out looking pretty good.
  7. BUY THE GUN...... BUT, offer your friend $25.00 for it. It’s good for parts but not good for either shooting or as a wall hanger. It is just too rough, and potentially dangerous. Now, you have some work to do. For this shotgun to have gotten into the condition that it was in (because someone thought they could fix a loose magazine tube by welding), the shotgun would’ve had to have seen significant use. That means, “significant wear”. You are going to have to put some time and effort into dismantling the gun, putting each part, screw, pin, in a small plastic bag and labeling it. See if you can find a parts list and drawing for the shotgun on the Internet. Label the parts with the part name and part number from whatever drawing you find. Clean all the parts as you dismantle the weapon. OK, you now have some experience in dismantling a Winchester ‘97. NOW, find an original WINCHESTER-made, Win97 in good condition and shoot that in competition. Use the parts from this worn out piece to keep your competition shotgun running. Or, you could sell the parts individually or in “ assemblies” on eBay. Other shooters here can provide info as to what to look for when purchasing a Win97 for CAS. You could also look for YouTube videos as well. There may be a video there that specifically gives you tips on inspecting-for-purchase a Winchester ‘97. Cat Brules
  8. Just for grins and giggles try some white lithium grease on the base pin. Joe West showed me that years ago and it seems to keep the crap out and the cylinder turning, be it Ruger, Colt, or Remmy cap gun.
  9. My post was not to indicate how fast I can reload my pistols I was responding to a question in the OP "How do you balance "helping out" with "taking forever to reload"? I compliment you on your prowess with your pistols and your candor. Lucky
  10. Just another type of bullet launcher. I had an former Drill Sergeant that would say, "Chief, I wish you wouldn't call your rifle a 'bullet launcher'. " Burning a Second Lieutenant is the next thing to child abuse.
  11. Looks like it might have been a submarine for a period of time. Imis
  12. I had some great NCOs and worked for a super Captain. I also was pretty good at land nav, but I learned the rest from the non-coms. Imis PDD say hi to DFW, all my grandkids are there
  13. Time the lifter so that the lever/lifter action fully brings the carrier down and the carrier up for the bolt. The springs are just to help the process not to complete it. That's how a properly set up lifter needs only minimal spring tension to function perfectly. The best result of a good action job is parts continuing to function. The factory set up of timing and spring tesion ensure a usable life but often creates excessive wear. You won't have a problem finding people to work on it. Inquire as to price, warranty, and turn around time. Joe West
  14. Judging a match by the number of clean shooters is kinda silly. The last time I went to a big match that was set up to be difficult was 2006....it was an annual with 150 shooters. I can safely say that since that match I have not been to one that was NOT cleanable. That doesn't mean that all the matches I've shot had high percentages of clean shooters. It just means that if you paid attention to the stage instructions and your front sights you could very easily shoot clean. I've been to plenty of matches where shooters exceeded their abilities and received 5 second speeding tickets. As someone who had the privilege of helping put on some big matches 300+ shooters, I would say to set your match up and then walk it.....How does it feel? Are the targets hittable? Are the instructions clear? Are there any P traps or safety issues? If you feel good about the answers to those questions, then let it roll. I would tell shooters to go look at the stages BEFORE the match starts and see how it feels. Give the match a fair assessment and tell yourself where to push on the throttle and where to let up. I think most shooters will find that the match they call difficult AFTER they shot it would probably not have given that same assessment BEFORE they shot it. Match performance usually will influence match assessment. I went to 2 big matches this year that had all the pistol targets set between 5 and 6 yards, the rifle targets were maxed out at 12 and the shotgun targets were fine. Both had plenty of movement. One I crapped out on.....the other was probably my best shooting performance ever. My performance was not indicative of the caliber of either match. The were both good matches. Not perfect matches but good solid honest shooting competitions. I shot a match yesterday that had a polish plate rack with 6 plates on it....Yes it spins once you knock the first plate off.....It was a hoot.....We shot some flying clays. We even shot a couple of stationary clays with the rifle. You actually had to aim.....Wow. There were also some targets you could absolutely hammer. We had the ability to clean up the clays with the shotgun and between the rifle and pistols you had 14 shots to take off the 6 plates.....More than reasonable. It was ENTERTAINING as well as challenging......15% shot it clean. IMHO....Entertainment is not rooted in any one aspect of our shooting sport. All the targets don't have to be in your face for a match to be entertaining. The pistol string and the rifle string don't have to match on every stage to be entertaining. All the targets don't have to be at the same height to be entertaining. VARIETY is the key to entertainment. Try to give each "shooting camp" a little something to salivate over. Stan
  15. Ya’s all KNOW that I’ll be there! I’m even thinkin’ about entering the dessert contest!! BUT!! My real goal is to shoot the match, WITH A POSSE!! I’m hoping to maybe get ol’ Widder and some of the other Jedi will get together to put together an all Jedi posse! Maybe even get my new friend Red Knee to come and join us!! I got to visit with the folks at the Tennessee State Match on Saturday and I told everybody to, “Look for me in the spring!” I aim to get healthy and get back in the game. It’s not unrealistic to expect to carefully work my way back into shape while I finish getting my foot healed up and get some work in on shooting skills at the same time. Christmas, Crap Shoot, Black Gold!!! The next few months look REALLY exciting!!
  16. We were taught to call them an "Armored Tracked Vehicle". Then add any other characteristics that may help identify it.
  17. Is that because you had Staff NCO to tell you where to go
  18. Today
  19. I didnt even consider going that route. I just trimmed all of my brass back to 2.25" and it runs
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