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  2. A binder mechanic would just use a bigger hammer and make it fit
  3. I know, bad taste. Still funny.
  4. I live in a mobile home park, so the park owner has say over the common areas. Nice looking place
  5. Sir, It may be old news, I was there in the mid 80s, but I can assure that I experienced these events, and more like them. If it's not like that now, I apologize. I was recounting my experiences from my time there. There is nothing fake about it, and I'll thank you to NOT call me a liar. Moderators, if I'm in the wrong here, feel free to delete me.
  6. My son lives in SD, if I get out there, I'll give you all a ring. Best of luck and happy shooting.
  7. Gunfighters, duelist or whatever, a round count stage applies to all shooters. Yes, gunfighters can come up with some pretty creative ways to shoot a stage, but there is a big difference between a sequence stage and a round count stage. Hey, Capt Bill holds a pretty good RO1 class; just got refreshed a few weeks ago myself. I don't mean to hack on ROs, we are all volunteers, but you should learn different types of stages if you're going to RO.
  8. I Googled it, so can you just enter "turning heel meaning." One meaning was needing an attitude adjustment. Most of the references relate to wrestling. One meaning was to turn heel and run or walk away. I didn't look farther than page 1. There was nothing I also looked for "his shoe heels were turned." There was nothing relevant there.
  9. Photos enclosed. Sorry about the lint... didn't bother to wipe it off.
  10. I am going to go with Traffic Control. (sorry, clip is in spanish)
  11. They don’t understand gunfighters. I’ve been called for not alternating between guns before also AND shooting duelist on split pistol stages.
  12. I think I initially got good advice from those "friends" but now I think they just screw with me.
  13. I am camping outside Witchita tonight. I will be there in the morning. I am supposed to shoot in the 11 o clock warm up match, but not sure if I will be set up in time.
  14. I researched the 17wsm and it looks like what I want. This means the savage camo 93xp that caught my eye won't be following me home as it comes in 22 mag or 17 hmr at my store and I already have a 22 mag bolt I got used off the wire. I will make do with it for now. The camo savage was real pretty and I was trying to justify getting it
  15. I made my own speed loaders and adapter to load cylinder on C press. It works. But I only shot my cap guns in one match and used a stand and loaded cylinders on gun.
  16. If your range officers cannot discern that this is a round count stage with no mention of double-taps, they should bow out of their positions. All four of them? You have some problems.
  17. YL - This falls into a "question of the rules being followed". For the stage being shot, the handbook rules, AND the stage description, provide the "permitted" way to shoot. The range officers had misinterpreted the stage description. That would be very protestable. Glad you helped them see their error. Good luck, GJ
  18. Just registered for my first International SASS Match, Range Wars. As an American / Canadian citizen residing in Canada, is there anything special I need to know or do when taking my firearms into Michigan for the weekend? The State web site was of little help. Also will I need to bring all of the ammunition with me or can I purchase there? Thanks Wells Faro
  19. I happened upon this website about railroad police through the ages. It skips around but there are some cool photos showing clothing and hat styles in the late 1800s - early 1900s as well as weapons used. https://www.therailroadpolice.com/photos-1
  20. Actually a shooter at times does carry weight in the the decision. I had a procedural called on me by the TO and spotters recently but when the stage description was reviewed I had shot it correctly and the P was removed. Let me explain. The stage called for revolvers to shoot the two front targets twice each and the center rear target once. Being a gunfighter I shot the left target with left hand revolver and the right target with the right revolver and repeated and then shot the center target with the left revolver. I then shot the two closer outside targets as described above and then the center far target with the right revolver. A P was called. The TO and spotters were under the impression that these closer targets had to be double tapped, they did not. I appealed and I had shot it correctly. No P.
  21. I agree with Ike on this. I recall a stage where you carried a long gun across the bay to make safe at the pistol location. I had my first pistol pulled on the way over and had two shots off by the time I had the rifle laid down and the second pistol pulled. I then alternates for the next six rounds and ended by double tapping with the second pistol. TO called a P for not alternating my pistols because gunfighters have to do that. I protested the call, following the process outlined in the SHB, and the call was overturned. Or you can ask my wife who was told that she earned a P at the Alabama State last year. She was adamant that she did not earn a P. She argued the point with the TO for several minutes until the posse marshal was called over. He agreed with my wife that the correct call for shooting the rifle targets with her pistols was in fact not a P, but rather 10 misses. She got that call corrected too. TOs can be wrong and that is why we have an appeals process. But that is also why TOs are instructed to always refer to the SASS Shooters Handbook when stating the rules or referencing what the shooter did wrong. That's why we should always have a copy of it on hand. Don't quote or say something from memory. By directly referencing the SHB, you take away the issue of what the rule says, and now we can just argue about interpretation...
  22. Thanks Zeb. That"s one on the nicest things people have said about me, I think GW
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